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    Surprised hat / ribbon hat pink

    Published from : 2020/12/21 10:53:47

    Product Details

    An original 3D model that allows you to react with "!" Or "?" From the hat. For communication! ■ Basic specifications Ribbon Hat Pink and Reaction Model (! /? / Pink Elephant) --- Triangular Face: 2928 ■ Contents unitypackage: RibonHat_Pink.unitypackage Handling Precautions_Ribbon Hat Pink.txt Where to put the hat.jpg animpas_0.jpg animpas_1.jpg ■ How to use 【Overview】 Make a parent-child relationship with the ribbon hat pink as a child on the bone of the part where you want to attach the avatar. For VR devices: Enter a hand sign with CustomOverrideEmpty. (For PCs, etc .: Use of Emote Switch? ... I've heard that ... I'm sorry, please check it.) Reference image "Place to place hat.jpg" 1. Import RibonHat_Pink.unitypackage and you will have a "MiniHatPinkZou" folder inside the Asset folder. ((1) in the reference image) 2. Place "RibonHat_P" in the above reference image ② directly under the scene where the avatar is once. (③ in the reference image) 3. Adjust the position of "Ribon Hat_P" in the scene. (④ in the reference image) 4. After that, drag it to the part bone (Head in the figure) where you want to attach the avatar. (Make it a child of Head) (⑤⑥ of the reference image) (5. (For VR devices) In the CustomOverrideEmpty file specified in Custom Standing Anims of the component "VRC_Avatar Descriptor" added to the corresponding avatar Please specify an animation clip such as "PinHatBikkuri" in the "MiniHatPinkZou" folder. )

    Terms of Use

    ■ Handling precautions -The copyright of this model belongs to the creator kamonabeheven. ● What you can do ・ Modification / modification is OK. Try wearing it on your own model. Please also for video production, distribution activities, etc. ✖ Prohibitions ・ Distribution / Sales --- Distribution and sales of this model and modified works of this model. ・ Use in acts that cause trouble for others. --- Please refrain from using it for purposes or purposes that make others uncomfortable. ■ Disclaimer ・ Any damage, loss, or trouble caused by the use of this data The creator kamonabeheven does not take any responsibility.