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    Published from : 2020/04/14 10:27:01

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    Product name: Surprised hat / Top hat An original 3D model that allows you to react with "!" And "?" From the hat. For communication! ■ Basic specifications         Hat and its contents model (! /? / Pigeon / volcano) --- Triangular surface: 2188 ■ Contents          unitypackage: Hatory_HatSilk.unitypackage       Handling Precautions _ Top hat.txt ■ How to use ‥ 【Overview】 Attach a top hat as a child to the bone of the part you want to attach the avatar to as a child, and put a hand sign with a normal animation override. : Reference image “ハットシルクパッケージ説明.jpg” 1. By importing Hatory_HatSilk.unitypackage, "HatSilk" folder will be created in the Asset folder. (① in the reference image) 2.1 Place "Hat Silk" in the reference image ② above just below the scene where the avatar is. (③ in the reference image) 3. Adjust the position of "Hat Silk" in the scene. (④ in the reference image) 4. After that, drag it to the part bone (Head in the figure) you want to attach to the avatar. (I will make it a child of Head) ((5) and (6) in the reference image) 5. In the CustomOverrideEmpty file specified in Custom Standing Anims of the component “VRC_Avatar Descriptor” added to the avatar Please specify an animation clip such as "silk_hatena" in the "HatSilk" folder. (Sample: "CustomOverride_HatSilk" in the "HatSilk" folder ← It may be easier to understand.) ■ Notes on handling -The copyright of this model belongs to the creator kamonabeheven. ● What you can do ・ Modification / modification is OK. Try it on your own model. Please also use for video production and distribution activities. ✖ Prohibited matters Prohibition of distribution / sales --- Distribution / sales of this model and modifications of this model. ・ Use for acts that bother others. --- Please refrain from using for any purpose or purpose that makes others uncomfortable. ■ Disclaimer · Any damage / loss / trouble caused by using this data The creator kamonabeheven does not take any responsibility.

    Terms of Use

    ・このモデルの著作権は制作者kamonabehevenに帰属します。   ●やっていいこと    ・改変・改造OKです。ご自分のモデルに着けたりしてみてください。    ・映像制作・配信活動等にもどうぞ。   ✖禁止事項    ・配布・販売の禁止---本モデル、本モデル改変作での配布、販売。    ・他者の迷惑になる行為での使用。---他者を不快にさせる用途・目的等での使用はご遠慮ください。