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    Exclusive to Sergeant Donnelly Taisho period Japanese clothing

    Published from : 2023/12/04 03:24:01

    Product Details

    ------ Virtual Market 2023 Winter VketMall - Goshikiya has a try-on avatar, so please try it. ------ This is a costume created with the image of Japanese clothing from the Taisho era. It looks like it will fit in casually with New Year's and Japanese style worlds. Easy to set up with Modular Avatar. A worn avatar for the Quest version (medium) is included. *Please note that it will not work properly without Sergeant Donnelly. Compatible with the donut-loving crash-landing soldier "Sergeant Donnelly" sold by Unclassics. https://unclassics.booth.pm/items/4365782 *Compatible with the latest version of Avatar v1.32. If you are using a previous version, please download the latest version. It is compatible with Modular Avatar, so you can easily change its appearance. https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/ja/ We are using liltoon, so please import it in advance. lilLab [Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 If you have any problems or requests, please contact us via shop email or Twitter below. https://twitter.com/marchmaru2 Number of polygons: ・Hat△600 ・Haori set △5415

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