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    Surprised hat / beef bowl (Compatible with Oculus Quest)

    Published from : 2020/07/14 13:51:34

    Product Details

    Product name: Surprised hat/gyudon An original 3D model that allows you to react with "!" and "?" from the hat. For communication! ■ Basic specifications Gyudon (Dongburi bowl with lid that Gyudon has) and reaction model (!/?/Gyu-chara)---Triangle:3732 ■ Contents unitypackage: GyuDon.unitypackage GyuDon_Q.unitypackage (OculusQuest compatible: shader is Mobile) Precautions on handling _ Gyudon.txt Place to place GyuDon.jpg animpas_0.jpg animpas_1.jpg ■ How to use ‥ 【Overview】 ▽Gyudon is made into a parent-child relationship as a child on the bone of the part where you want to attach the avatar, and a hand sign is put in with a normal animation override. Reference image “Place where GyuDon is placed.jpg” 1. After importing GyuDon.unitypackage, a "GyuDon" folder will be created in the Asset folder. (① in the reference image) : 2. Once, place "GyuDon" in the reference image ② above just below the scene where the avatar is. (③ in the reference image) 3. Adjust the position of "GyuDon" in the scene. (④ in the reference image) 4. After that, drag it to the part bone (Head in the figure) you want to attach to the avatar. (I will make it a child of Head) ((5) and (6) in the reference image) 5. In the CustomOverrideEmpty file specified in Custom Standing Anims of the component "VRC_Avatar Descriptor" added to the corresponding avatar Please specify an animation clip such as "GyuDon_Bikkuri" in the "GyuDon" folder. (Sample: It may be easier to understand if you use "CustomOverride_gyudon" ← here in the "GyuDon" folder.) ‥ ● Doesn't it move? [Open the animation window and click the object (object under the blue square GyuDon) in the hierarchy window. When the object name is yellow like the reference image "animpas_0.jpg"] Since Unity is in a state "I do not know where the object with this animation is located", pass the path. If you slowly click the object name twice (not double click) like the reference image "animpas_1.jpg", you can enter it. Please enter the path to the bone where the hat object is placed. : : : ■ Notes on handling -The copyright of this model belongs to the creator kamonabeheven. ● What you can do ・Modification/modification is OK. Try it on your own model. Please also use for video production and distribution activities. ✖ Prohibited matters Prohibition of distribution/sales---Distribution/sales of this model and modifications of this model. ・Use for acts that bother others. --- Please refrain from using for any purpose or purpose that makes others uncomfortable. ■ Disclaimer · Any damage/loss/trouble caused by using this data The creator kamonabeheven does not take any responsibility. ■ Update history Published July 14, 2020 October 11 Texture correction, Oculus Quest version included Creator kamonabeheven Contact: twitter @kamonabeheven

    Terms of Use

    -The copyright of this model belongs to the creator kamonabeheven. ● What you can do ・ Modification / modification is OK. Try wearing it on your own model. Please also for video production, distribution activities, etc. ✖ Prohibitions ・ Prohibition of distribution and sale --- Distribution and sale of this model and this model modified work. ・ Use in acts that cause trouble for others. --- Please refrain from using it for purposes or purposes that make others uncomfortable.