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    「LegendaryWeapon」Twin Crossbows - Interactive Crossbows for Avatars 3.0!

    Published from : 2023/06/13 16:04:06

    Product Details

    In this universe, there are Twin Elemental Crossbows: Mugen and Choetsu. They are called the Twin Wings of Destiny and are said to possess mystical powers. Everyone desires to obtain their power, but only the chosen ones can have it. The Twin Crossbows are part of our Legendary Weapon Series, and can fire multiple elements: Wind, Fire, Lightning and Ice. You can also perform multiple moves with them, like spin, reverse spin, aerial spin, and you can sheathe/unsheathe them, and they reload automatically by materializing a bolt from the ambient magic around you. When you shoot a bolt, it will stick in the surface you shot, so it is ideal for contests! You can also combine different elements on both hands, to perform fancy actions! The installation of this asset is very simple and straightforward! We have included a manual in English and Japanese, with detailed explanations and images! This asset is compatible with WD ON and OFF! The in-game usage is very intuitive too!

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing this asset, you agree to the following terms: * Do not share the asset with anybody else than people who bought it. * Do not upload an Avatar containing this asset as public.