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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    「LegendaryWeapon」Setsuna / 刹那 - Interactive Weapon for Avatars 3.0!

    Published from : 2023/06/13 15:11:21

    Product Details

    Legendary Weapon Series - Setsuna * * * Setsuna is a Legendary Weapon, from the far away land of Tanowa. It uses a special type of material that is able to absorb ambient energy and hold it in the blade. It was once said that a Oni forged it. You can use its magic to curse the blade even further, allowing you to hit your enemies harder than ever. * * * This Scythe has many abilities, and an extensive moveset, and it is overall very satisfying to use. - It collides with the environment. - It collides with players. - It has a total 15+ animations. - It contains custom sound effect, shaders and particles. - It is droppable in the world. You can use it to fight, roleplay, or simply show off your amazing skills and impress your friends! The installation is extremely simple, compatible with any avatar, WD OFF and ON! Using it in-game is also extremely intuitive.

    Terms of Use

    By purchasing this asset, you agree to the following terms: * Do not share the asset with anybody else than people who bought it. * Do not upload an Avatar containing this asset as public.