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    「RC Plane」Cyclone! Synced RC Plane for Avatars 3.0

    Published from : 2023/06/13 15:26:12

    Product Details

    Cyclone! Real RC Plane for Avatars 3.0! Cyclone is a real, flyable remote controlled plane for VRChat Avatars. It is networked synced up to 1000 metres of range. That means that all of your friends will see the plane exactly where it is in real time! There are 3 camera positions included for FPV piloting (Front, Cockpit and 3rd Person). You can also make the camera screen bigger! The plane contains a shooting minigame, where you have to take down other planes! It is guaranteed to be very precise under 200m of range! Racing your friends is completely possible on any given VRChat World. Exploring is possible too! The plane has collisions, and can also automatically deploy the gear and land! It is extremely easy and intuitive to pilot. You can transform the plane into a fast jet-powered plane and fly even faster! Never seen before on VRChat! Features List: - Network FastNet Sync (1000m) - Remote with 3 FPV Cameras - Desktop Mode Compatible - Collision Detection - EasyLanding Technology - Shooting Minigame - Jet Engine Transformation Mode - Optional Pilot Doll - Many Colours - EasyInstall Automated Script - Many Animations - Custom VFX - Unlimited Single Player Range - Optimised With Around 3000 Polygons - 64 Synced Parameters The plane is extremely easy to install, as it contains an EasyInstall Script that will automate the process for you! It is also very optimised, using 64 Synced Parameters (For the position sync) and 3000 Polygons. Nobody will be lagging! Using the plane is very intuitive, and 100% compatible with Desktop Mode users. It has a throttle and a joystick control, with the possibility to separate the controls on both of your hands in VR! If you run into any issue, we provide a Discord link in the Manual where you can ask us for help directly! We might release more RC toys in the future! Stay tuned!

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