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    動く!山田式ヘイローモデル 3種セット Vol.2【Quest対応】

    Published from : 2023/12/01 23:12:43

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    (Powered by Google Translate) A set of 3 cyberpunk halos. You can also buy it separately. It can animate a little. *Avatar not included Avatar used for the model ・オリジナル3Dモデル 「てっさくちゃん」 https://booth.pm/ja/items/3183052 Here is Vol.1 https://ymds.booth.pm/items/4822272 --------------------------------------- A sample avatar pedestal has been installed at the Vket2023Winter venue where you can check the actual texture and movement. For PC users, "フォールンエデン -ソフ-" For Quest, "VketMall - MORNING GLORY" You can try each one. -------------------------------------------------------------- [Contents] ・Unity Package ・txt file (this is what You're reading now) ・Textures and PSD/CLIP files for modification ・Bonus UnityPackage (only for those who purchased Full Set during the Vket period) ■ About PSD for modification The attached PSD file was created with CLIP STUDIO PAINT. It should be possible to edit with compatible software such as Photoshop, but we have not confirmed this. Thank you for your understanding. -------------------------------------------------------------- [Spec] Common ・Number of materials: 1 ・Skin mesh: 1 Halo04 ・Number of polygons: 856 ・Shape key: 4 ・PhysBones component: 1 Halo05 ・Number of polygons: 1668 ・Shape key: 2 ・PhysBones component: 1 Halo06 ・Number of polygons: 584 ・Shape key: 3 ・PhysBones component: 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- [How to install] This model uses the liltoon shader Import liltoon before model https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 In addition, it is premised on using "Modular Avatar" in the introduction By using "Modular Avatar", you can easily complete the introduction of Halo just by aligning If you are using VCC, you can easily import it by clicking the "Download (using VCC)" button at the following URL. https://modular-avatar.nadena.dev/en/ If you are using UnityHub, please refer to the Manual Installation section from the "Documentation" on the same URL. ■ How to install 1. Set up the avatar you want to introduce first 2.Import the UnityPackage and put the Prefab asset that suits your purpose directly under the avatar → Assets with "_Quest" are Quest version avatar assets * In the Quest version, fades such as animations for putting in and out of Halo do not work → "_NoMA" is an asset when not using Modular Avatar 3. Please adjust the "Halo_Base" directly under the Prefab so that it comes to the center of the head 4. Move the "Halo_Bone" in it and adjust it to the right position, angle and size ---------- If you use Modular Avatar, the introduction is complete, so please upload and check the operation If you don't use Modular Avatar, you need to do the following steps It is for those who can operate Unity to some extent because it is necessary to take countermeasures against missing animations. ---------- 5. Move "Halo_Base" directly under "Head" 6. Copy the contents of "Halo**" in the Animation folder to the currently used FX layer, Add the contents of "Halo**_Param" in the Menu folder to the currently used Expression Parameters, Please transplant "Halo**_Sub" in the same folder to any location in the Expression Menu you are currently using. → Animator and Parameters can be easily ported using the following tools VRCAvatars3Tools https://booth.pm/ja/items/2207020 7.Resolve Missing in animations such as Idle and Switch in the Animation folder → I think that it can be done relatively easily by using extensions such as AnimationValidator, but I have not confirmed the operation, so please correct it in your own way. Animation Validator https://qiita.com/sukedon/items/71247af4a4494303dc66 ---------- If you do not use Modular Avatar, the installation is complete, so please upload and check the operation -------------------------------------------------------------- [Notes etc.] ・Please refrain from making your own remarks. ・We are not responsible for any damages or disadvantages caused by using this data. --------------------------------------------- Please use the BOOTH message function or send a DM to Twitter (@Reone_VRC) to report any bugs. BOOTH messages may take a long time to reply, so we recommend Twitter. --------------------------------------------- Borrowed ・Menu icon 【無料】雑に作ったVRCのメニュー設定するアイコン的なあれ https://booth.pm/ja/items/3205855 ・Regulation table VN3 License https://www.vn3.org/ --------------------------------------------- 2023/12/02: Start Selling. 2023/12/06: Fixed a flaw in the structure of the limited time bonus Prefab. 2023/12/06: Limited time bonus Prefab is no longer included.

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