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    SEGA 60 year anniversary T-shirt

    Published from : 2020/04/28 19:45:52

    Product Details

    “SEGA 60-year anniversary T-shirt” from SEGA corp. is now distributed for free! **Product Feature - Number of polygon : 3656 - Number of mesh : 1 - Number of material : 1 - Number of texture : 2 (Logo / normal map) - Shader : Expected to use Standard, Unlit, and UTS2.0 **Content Details - 60TShirt.unitypackage Package readily available to use in VRChat - ReadMe.txt Describes how to set up - License.txt License is written later. Please refer to the different sections. - 60TShirts model The model is in fbx file format. - Texture/material used in 60TShirt 60TShirt has 1 material and 1 texture. NormalMap texture is included in StandardShader where normal map can be used. Copyright of Free Sega 60th Anniversary T-shirts is completely owned by SEGA CORPORATION

    Terms of Use

    【利用規約】 本モデルはUVライセンスで公開されています。 規約全文は下記URLを参照してください。 https://uv-license.com/ja/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93