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    [PC+Quest] Lucas (ルーカス)

    Published from : 2020/04/07 22:12:01

    Product Details

    This site hasn't implemented a way for westerners to receive funds yet, for now, use https://octuplex.booth.pm/ Lucas is a devilish little Imp from the Underworld! Rumored to be the next heir to the throne, this imp likes to misused his status and cause all kinds of mischief and chaos! If he’s around, there’s a high chance of your wallet being missing. The model includes 3 expressions, visemes, and a prop trident Material count: 1 Poly count: 4,144 poly The package includes the model, a preconfigured unity scene, a set of animation overrides, and 2 materials. One using silent's cel shaders and the other using vrchat's mobile toon shader for Quest users. Rules: Do not distribute without permission No R18 stuff, keep it SFW. Funky Design Works is Dee, our 2D artist https://twitter.com/FunkySpaceAlien And Octuplex, our 3D artist https://twitter.com/Octuplex

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