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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    [VRChat PC] Pommei (ポメー)

    Published from : 2020/04/07 22:14:42

    Product Details

    This site hasn't implemented a way for westerners to receive funds yet, for now, use https://octuplex.booth.pm/ From the mysterious land called "Paris", lies Pommei! Enjoying having a scenic cup of coffee, this girl like to dress to impress. While she may look quite stern, she's anything but! There's been rumors that she use fashion as way to boost her self confidence. This package contains: -Apple girl blend file -4 apple girl FBX files -Unity scene with preconfigured avatar descriptors for the 4 FBX models Polycounts: -Apple Girl - 33k -Apple Girl No Bangs - 32k -Apple Girl No Outline - 19k -Apple Girl No Outline No Bangs - 18k Recommended shader: Silent's Cel Shader https://vrcat.club/threads/silents-cel-shading-shader.84/ Rules: Do not distribute without permission No inappropriate stuff, keep it SFW. Funky Design Works is Dee, our 2D artist https://twitter.com/FunkySpaceAlien And Octuplex, our 3D artist https://twitter.com/Octuplex

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