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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Edgar the Shapeshifting Cat

    Published from : 2023/06/20 22:38:02

    Product Details

    Edgar, the shapeshifting cat Through the use of creative modeling techniques, this character has the unique ability to completely change his face without a mesh swap! As time goes on I'll likely add more faces and outfits for him, but for now, the model only has 3 faces Model features -Fully set up project files, just download and upload -3 Swappable faces -3 Swappable ears -1 Outfit, and a body mesh included in the blend file -Headpat sensor Model stats -Includes FBX, unitypackage, and blender files -Poly count: △8,591 (Rating: Excellent) -Physbones: 10 -Ratings: PC: Excellent Quest: Medium Contact info/credits Modeler: https://twitter.com/Octuplex Concept help: https://twitter.com/mulmbot Animator help: https://twitter.com/franadaVRC

    Terms of Use

    Terms of use -No nsfw, 18+ stuff, please. Don't be weird. -No reselling, but paying other people to make modifications is fine -Making and selling compatible outfits is fine -Don't make a public avatar pedestal unless it's a substantially modified version