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    Original 3D avatar Marietta

    Published from : 2020/12/18 15:12:09

    Product Details

    About the character A girl in a military uniform Lolita costume. Original character. Intended to be used with VRChat. Quest compatible version is included in the package. (However, it will be Very Poor). The VRM can be used with various avatar services. --------------------------- About the model data 55,475 VRCSDK3 compatible Lip-sync and eye-tracking already set. 16 expressions, all of which can be used in the Expression Menu. Dynamic Bone has been set. Using UTS Configured with Unity 2018.4.20f1 *Full Tracking Full tracking has not been confirmed yet, as it is not available in the author's environment. However, since the main skeleton is almost the same as the one in our workshop "Nenohi", it is expected to have some degree of full-tracking resistance. About Quest version 17,269 There are 15 expressions, all of which can be used in the Expression Menu. The avatar is judged to be "Very Poor", so it may not be displayed correctly on the other side. About VRM The VRM version is for use with avatar services other than VRChat and has different specifications from the VRChat version. It is designed to meet the restrictions of uploading to Cluster. --------------------------- Sales details Unity Package Marietta.unitypackage FBX Marietta.fbx Marietta_Quest.fbx Texture MARI_TEX_ACCS_color.png Mari_Tex_Accs_MCmask_.png MARI_TEX_ACCS_normal.png MARI_TEX_BODY.png MARI_TEX_CLOTH.png MARI_TEX_CLOTH_MCmask.png MARI_TEX_CLOTH_normal.png MARI_TEX_FACE.png MARI_TEX_FACE_LineMask.png MARI_TEX_HAIR.png Mari_Tex_Hair_Normal.png MATCAP.png MATCAP2.png MATCAP3.png Mari_Tex_Body_Color_noshadow.png MARI_TEX_FACE_noshadow.png and also includes some textures for color variant. PSD Mari_Tex_Accs.psd Mari_Tex_Body.psd Mari_Tex_Cloth.psd MARI_TEX_CLOTH_normal.psd Mari_Tex_Face.psd Mari_Tex_Hair.psd VRM Marietta_VRM.vrm --------------------------- Other Specifications Cloak, hat, jacket, skirt, bra, shorts, knee socks and boots are separated into different objects, so you can change their appearance by showing or hiding them. Some color variations are provided, which can be changed by replacing the textures in Unity.

    Terms of Use

    Terms of use Purchase of this model data and users are deemed to have agreed to the terms of use. Notes We reserve the right to make updates or suspend sales without notice. Please note that we will not be able to guide you through the process of modifying the data. Permissions 1. Modification of this model data and use of the modified data. 2. Use in services such as VRChat, where model data can be uploaded and used as avatars. 3. Personal use in videos, still images, or games. Commercial or non-commercial use is not required. However, if you are a corporation, please contact us. 4. Use for R18 and R18G. If you want to publish your work, you must do so at your own risk and within the scope of the law. Prohibitions 1. Making this model data or any modified version of this model data available to third parties other than the purchaser. (VRChat avatar pedestal, public settings, use in a clonable state, etc.) 2. Use this model data for any expression that defames others, or for political or religious activities. Copyright The copyright of this model data and modified data belongs to KASHIWA, the creator. Disclaimer I (Kashiwa) will not be held responsible for any problems or damages caused by the use of this model data. Revision of the Terms of Use The Terms of Use will be updated from time to time, and the latest version of the Terms of Use will always apply. The Japanese version of the Terms of Use will always take precedence. Date of enactment: December 18, 2020