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    Original 3Dmodel for VRChat -One-

    Published from : 2022/07/30 09:53:24

    Product Details

    This product is SpicaVR's original 3D model "One" for Unity's Humanoid format. This 3D model is designed for use with VRChat. Below you will find a description of this model and the terms of use. By using this model data, you agree to the terms of use. -----------Product Description----------- FBX file PSD file for modification Texture files Unity Package Terms of Use JP Terms of Use EN -----------Please note: ----------- Please import the following items before importing into unity. lilToon_1.3.0 or later version VRCSDKavatar3.0 We have not confirmed that it works with any other version. unity2019.4.31f1 lilToon_1.3.0 VRCSDKavatar3.0 ----------- Product information: ----------- Avatar rank: very poor polygons: △75308 meshes: 8 Shape Keys: 70 (3 dummies) Animations: 30 (4 dummies) Materials: 5 Textures: 10 Shader: lilToon_1.3.0 PhysBone is already set You can change facial expressions in EXmenu in VRchat. You can change costume in EXmenu in VRchat. -----------Terms of Use----------- This agreement uses the template of VN3 license ( https://www.vn3.org/ ) created by Hiroko Ashiyama (@hiorko_TB). Terms of use https://drive.google.com/file/d/13CYeZcDNcy_l7GZsNodWnI_7k2diEYqK/view?usp=sharing By purchasing, downloading, installing, or otherwise using this model, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Please be sure to read these Terms of Use before you start using the Model. -----------About Bugs----------- We would appreciate it if you could report it to SpicaVR's Twitter DM or Booth message. Twitter : https://twitter.com/SpicaVr

    Terms of Use