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    【3D Model】表裏 - Hyouri - 【VRC compatible】

    Published from : 2022/06/20 22:48:38

    Product Details

    This original model "Hyouri" is It will be a 3D model that can be used for use in VRChat, other games, video distribution, etc. A UnityPackage for VRChat is also included. In addition to the 3D model, this product also comes with various small objects. The 3D model creates various lip syncs, eyelid movements, and facial expressions. Various expressions are possible with VRChat, etc. In addition, various small objects are also included. Small objects can also be attached to other characters. In addition, various shape keys such as turning small items on and off, opening and closing, etc. are available. There are three types of hair color, black, white, and blonde hair, and three types of character shapes are also available: front and back, front and back, and back color. * Hair color and character shape can be switched from the EX menu of VRChat. *Produced by Blernder Ver2.93.4. ・ Various shape keys for lip sync are available. ・ We also have a blinking shape key. - Bones and weights have already been set. ・ Various facial expressions, animations, and hand signs are also set. ・Various small objects are also included. The on-off and open/close shape keys are also set. ▼ Model Information  Number of polygons: 84074 (triangular plane)          *Excludes some objects Shape Key: Lip Sync... 15          Facial expression... 23 ・Number of meshes: 12+a Number of textures: 9+a ▼Contents  ・Unitypackage (for VRChat)  ・Blend file  ・Texture Recommended Data Installation of Unitypackage ・lilToon https://lilxyzw.booth.pm/items/3087170 * The shader is assumed to use lilToon. * It is assumed that PB bone is used for hair movements, etc. * It is assumed to be used for VRChat. ※ Full tracking is supported, but please switch arbitrarily because there is a possibility that the silhouette of Japanese clothes will collapse. If you have any revisions or notices about the product, please contact the author via twitterDM or message. twitter:蓬莱の茶葉 Houraino-Chaba https://twitter.com/IpUIkzqaCB7QIkN

    Terms of Use

    ------------------------------------------------------------- ▼Terms of Use *You are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions at the time of purchase of this model in any form. ・ Parts can be taken ・Modifiable (However, please follow the official guidelines for copyrighted materials) ・Can be used with R-18 adult content ・Commercial use allowed (Please be sure to contact the author by DM etc.) Also, be sure to include a credit for [Houraino-Chaba]) ・Monetization possible by distribution ・ If a company or corporation uses this model, please be sure to contact the author regardless of whether it is commercial or non-commercial. ・ Sale of 3D models converted from bone weights, sales and distribution when reproduction are not allowed. (If there is no contact and there is a reproduction of the 3D model sold object using this model, there is a possibility that it will be withdrawn) ・ Since it will be a 3D model data sale, please set it on various platforms by yourself. ▼ Prohibited Matters ・ Redistribution (redistribution is not possible even after remodeling) ・Use in a state where it can be cloned ・Use contrary to public order and morals ・Political and religious use ・Use for the purpose of degrading this model ・Use that is inconvenient to the author or other related parties ▼Disclaimer ・ If trouble occurs by using this model, even if damage occurs to the user or a third party, the author is not responsible for anything. ・We do not support the use of various platforms. ・We do not provide support for various uploads. ・The copyright of this model is in [Houraino-Chab]. Search Words 3D models, 3D characters, VRChat, full tracking, white-haired characters, black-haired characters, blonde characters, Japanese clothes, accessories, objects 3DModel・3DCharacter・Wing ※Japanese language explanations are given priority in all cases. ------------------------------------------ Changelog 2022/6/19  Start of sales Author: Houraino-Chaba