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    3D model Ichijiku

    Published from : 2021/08/13 19:18:33

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    ■Product Summary 3D model "Ichijiku" 3D model created for VRChat,VRM. Produced by: yagyu Below you will find the description of this model and the terms of use. Please read carefully and agree to the terms and conditions before purchasing the product. Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Msmc5iwGBF8NY3GrwKF8Oe42Osd9TcLT/view?usp=sharing Terms of Use https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C7Mr0MQleg-tPS9W-j2wuSdcFgfa5rXb/view?usp=sharing Contents FBX Various textures Update history.txt Terms of use pdf VRC setup unitypacage VRM Shader uses lilToon 1.2.12. *Included ([Mr. lilLab] https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170) Model Details *The figures are on VRC. △38083 (VeryPoor version) PhysBone setting has been done. AvatarParformance: 3 types of Prefab from Medium to VeryPoor Lip-sync support Eye tracking support 133 shape keys for facial expressions + 48 shape keys for face editing VRM available Support for cluster and neoket Future updates Animation will be sold separately. Update history update history■ 2021/08/07 ver1.00 Release 2021/08/07 ver1.00 Fixed a bug that the wrist twists when reset avatar on VRC. Fixed a bug that underwear textures were written to skin textures for VRC (can be turned on/off by psd). Fixed a bug that the position of the ears shifted if the ears kept moving in VRC when changing facial expressions. 2021/08/10 ver1.02 Fixed a bug that the robot tends to be on its haunches when sitting on a chair in full tracking mode on VRC. Fixed a bug that finger tracking does not work when using index controller on VRC. Fixed DynamicBoneClider in chest for VRC (reduced the tendency for the frown to be too far forward when the head is turned sideways). Fixed a bug that I forgot to include the wave clap animation in the VRC emotes. 2021/08/26 ver1.03 Fixed distortion of pupils in eye_smile shape key for all models. Added VRC Performance Rank Poor and Medium prefab. 2021/12/25 No change in the version of fig_smile itself. Updated Terms of Use   Royalties on personal commercial use were abolished.   Changed the use for tangible objects from "permission" to "individual inquiries to rights holders". 2022/04/25 ver1.04 Changed shaking control from DynamicBone to PhysBone Shader is changed from UTS2 to lilToon. Japanese umbrella as a standard feature (only in Prefab called Ichijiku_v1.04) 2022/011/06 ver1.05 Fix a bug that hand animation is not played (delete AvatarMask of Ichijiku_FaceFXLayer) Adjusted PhysBone value. Contact information Please send requests and bug reports to the following contact address. https://twitter.com/ASSAULTFOX Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    ■Terms of Use■ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C7Mr0MQleg-tPS9W-j2wuSdcFgfa5rXb/view?usp=sharing