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    907e(Free distribution)

    Published from : 2021/07/26 19:39:27

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    This is a 3D avatar exclusively for "Unlit WF Shader". It is a free distribution version. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The contents are as follows. - Unitypakage(UNLIT WF shader imported) - Explanation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a unitypakage with the UNLIT WF shader included. Regarding the shape, I think it is good to add it on UNITY. Dynamic bones are set only for the hair and tail. A separate dynamic bone is required, or the processing of the relevant part needs to be removed. Created in Avatar 2.0 environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is difficult to deal with unless there is a big problem, Feel free to ask any questions. (It will be within the range that you can understand) Even if I mutter on Twitter with the avatar name and the content I'm worried about, I sometimes pick it up. Contact information Twitter (gaku2_sigehiro) Email (sigehiro_summer@hotmail.com) Please for such. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The creation environment is created below. Modeling Maya LT2019 Eye tracking and lip sync settings Blender 2.79b (CATS 0.9.0) Texture Clip Studio Paint, Substance Painter VIVE + tracker (confirmed with VRChat full tracker)

    Terms of Use

    ・ About rights Basically, there are no restrictions on what the user wants to do. There is no problem with redistributing using the data. I would be grateful if you could tell me that you are enjoying it when you use it. However, please note that the author cannot overlook the event that causes great damage to others. Believe in justice. Only shader related items are subject to the UNLIT WF shader rules. Below are the rules for UNLIT WF shaders. Free distribution under the MIT License. In addition to setting it as your own avatar, you can also set it as a distribution and sales avatar and redistribute it. Also check the wiki help for redistribution. https://github.com/whiteflare/Unlit_WF_ShaderSuite/wiki