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    Swimwear for Towari

    Published from : 2020/07/22 23:15:09

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    ■Product Description■ Swimsuit for Towari This is a 3D model created for VRChat. This is the costume data to be used in the Original 3D Model Twirlie. (https://yagyu.booth.pm/items/1478004) The main body of the "Original 3D Model Twirlie" is not included. Created by Nogyu Below you will find a description of this model and its terms of use. Please read them carefully and agree to them before purchasing the product. ■ Contents ■ Model x 1 Texture x1 (with .psd) Update history.txt Terms of Use.txt Installation instructions.txt towari_mizugi.unitypackage Extra data General-purpose Idle Animation Explanations on dynamic bone in the wild cow style  This one is available for free at FANBOX. https://yagyu.fanbox.cc/manage/posts/1240666 This model uses Unity-chan Toon Shader ver. 2.0.7. This model comes with shaders only. ■Model Details■ △2,988 Number of materials 1 Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    Terms of Use

    Terms of Use By obtaining the Twali (hereinafter referred to as the Data), you agree to these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are subject to change and the most current version will apply. The copyright to this data (excluding shaders) and its modifications belongs to the creator, Yohyu. Permission to use this data You may use this data for the following purposes without violating the prohibition described below. Modify or alter the data. Conversion of this data to other formats for use. To send and receive the Data or its modifications and to create modifications of the Data only between users who have already purchased the Data. Uploading the Data in a state that can be handled only by the user who purchased the Data Use for video, games and still images Output as a three-dimensional object using a 3D printer, engraving or other methods. Use for R-18 R18G with zoning When modifying or altering other avatars and data, please abide by their terms of use. Prohibitions Redistribution and sale of this data or any modification of this data Selling or distributing as one's own work something that is very similar to the Data. Uploading with avatar pedestals and other third parties Use of this data obtained by unintended means by wild cattle Political and religious use Use for defamation of other people, other works and products Actions, statements, descriptions, or expressions that mislead people into believing that individuals or organizations other than wildebeest are the creators or copyright holders of the data. to organizations and individuals who manage or operate a voluntary environment without a permit and a request for cooperation  To notify the existence of a person who is acting in violation of this agreement. (For example, if you see someone violating the law on youtube, don't inform them of the violation without permission. (For example, don't notify someone who has violated the law if you see them on YouTube. It's used for things related to crime. We reserve the right to prohibit the use of these data and data created by Wild Cow and to demand compensation for any damage caused by the violation of the prohibition. Disclaimer We are not responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of this model. Terms and Conditions Wild Cow reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. If there are any differences between the Japanese version and the English version of these Terms of Use, the Japanese version of these Terms of Use will be applied.  The following terms and conditions shall apply. Commercial Use Please consult with us. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)