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    VRChat Weapon Series_01 Beam Gatling Gun

    Published from : 2020/03/02 22:12:14

    Product Details

    ◆ Product introduction Original weapon model series first Two-handed Gatling gun that fires high-power beams at high speed Number of polygons: △ 6204 ◆ Details of contents Beam Gatling gun body Fbx, Various textures (Albedo, Metalness, Normal, AO, Emissive) A set of barrel rotation animations. The texture is in a beautiful state by default You can put it in a tattered state by replacing it with the map named Old.

    Terms of Use

    ■ Terms of use We will assume that you agree to these Terms of Use at the time of purchase of this model. · The contents of the terms of service may change. If it has been changed please follow the latest rules. (We will assume that you have agreed to the new terms with the use of this model after changing the contract) The copyright of "VRChat Weapons Series _ 01 Beam Gatling Gun" (hereinafter this model) is attributed to Anomalo Karin. · This model allows buyers to upload them to VRChat and use them. · This model is VRChat avatar pedestal, clone avatar function, conversion to VRM format etc. We will prohibit distributing and selling in a condition that can be freely used by other than purchaser. (Be sure to upload it with Private.) · This model can be used as a material of homebrew game. (Both free and paid games are acceptable) · This model can be modified. This modified model can be used only by purchasers, and distribution is prohibited. You can change parts such as adding or replacing parts in the model, changing the color of the texture, etc. (When you add a part that is not your own work, please check the terms of use of that part and keep it.) · This model is OK with 3D printer. (We can only output for ourselves individually.Wonder festival and sales using any service are forbidden.) · We will prohibit expressions, politics and religious activities slandering other people using this model. · Japan domestic law applies to this model. ◆ Disclaimer We assume no responsibility for any damage incurred using this data (Anomalo Karin). Please use the responsibility of the user. ◆ Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for follow-up. (Https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) Or to this mail address. Please change anomarokarintou ★ yahoo.co.jp ★ to @ and send it. Terms of enactment enactment March 5, 2019