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    Published from : 2020/04/28 11:46:52

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    VRChat compatible avatar "Misaka-san". Feel free to use it for VRChat, video material, and embedding in games. [Contents] readme.txt General description unity.txt Description of Unity Package blender.txt Description of blender file contents blender file (for Ver2.8.0) One piece model T-shirt model Clothes + body model FBX file and texture image Unity Package Set up for VRChat * Avatar 3.0 support * Oculus Quest compatible version is also included. * Unity-chan toon shader 2.0 is set, but it is not included in Package * Dynamic Bone has been set, but it is not included in Package. Separate purchase of Dynamic Bone is required to use VRM file PSD files such as images for textures and shaders PSD file for Avatar3.0 icon [specification] - Supports lip sync - Eye tracking support - Full tracking support - 45900 polygon (body 31719, clothes 14181) - BlendShape 37 species (6 for eye tracking, 15 Viseme, 6 eyes, 4 mouth, 2 eyebrows, 4 gimmicks) - Avatar 3.0 support Switch between 7 different expressions 4 gimmicks beret on/off glasses on/off satchel(school bag) on/off seculity buzzer - Support for Quest * YOU WILL NEED A PC to upload your Quest avatar. * Avatar Performance Rank is Poor. * The seculity buzzer cannot make a sound. [Notes] - It is a character used on the Youtube channel "Mekami's Kitchen". - There is no need to write credits etc. for secondary creations using this model. However, if you tell me secretly, the author's tension will rise. - I have the feeling that I would like to answer questions about this model as much as possible, but I cannot answer questions about unrelated matters such as Unity, VRChat, Blender, and PC. [Change log] Ver1.1.1 - December 18, 2020 Add unitypackage for Quest compatible avatars. Ver1.1.0 - September 4, 2020 Balance the head and body. Enlarge the head. Increase the polygons of the body and clothes. Fine tuning of textured images. Added support for VRChat Avator 3.0. (Added display switching gimmick and necessary Brendshape.) Ver1.0.2 - May 6, 2020 Added a description of the eye material to "unity.txt". Ver1.0.1 - April 30, 2020 Fixed a bug that the right elbow of the model import from Unity Package is scooped out. (Corrected Rotation Constraint setting error for right elbow bone "z_elbow.R".)

    Terms of Use

    Enactment date April 28, 2020 By purchasing this model, you understand and agree to all the contents of these Terms of Use Permission - Commercial use. - Use as avatars and materials in VRChat, videos, games, etc. - Use for creative works that include violent and sexual expressions. - Remodeling and modification. - Use as a material to make other models. - Distribution and sale of this avatar and materials modified and modified in a non-reusable state. * Videos, games, etc. Prohibited matter - Publish avatars in a form that can be used by an unspecified number of people. Public Avatar on VRChat Publish and sell VRM avatars in "state for others" on VRoid Hub, THE SEED ONLINE, etc. Generate and distribute VRM files - Distribution and sales of the materials included in this avatar in a reusable state. - Distribution and sale of this avatar and materials modified and modified in a reusable state. - To use for acts or purposes contrary to law, anti-social acts or purposes, specific beliefs, religions, or political statements. - Use that infringes the intellectual property rights, other rights and honors of a third party. - Self-made remarks. Copyright - The copyright of this model belongs to Misaka. Immunity - We will not make any compensation for damages or damages caused to users by using this model. - If a user causes damage or damage to another person by using this model, the user shall be responsible for the damage and the obligation of compensation. Suspension of use - If the user violates this agreement, this copyright holder can stop or delete the use of this model etc. and secondary creations at any time.