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    Tapioca Khichdi

    Published from : 2020/04/13 16:52:50

    Product Details

    This is a 3D model of a recipe using tapioca, "Tapioca Khichdi". Tapioca, potatoes and tomatoes are stir-fried with spices. It has a chewy texture and a spicy taste. Please feel free to use VRChat, video material, incorporation in the game, etc. [Contents] - Unity Package - FBX files and texture images - readme.txt (Contains the recipe for "tapioca khichdi") [Notes] - There is no need to write credits etc. for secondary creations using this model. However, if you tell me secretly, the author's tension will rise. - We will not make any compensation for damages or damages caused to users by using this model. - If a user causes damage or damage to another person by using this model, the user shall be responsible for the damage and the obligation of compensation. - Can not eat.

    Terms of Use

    [What you can do] - Use of materials in VRChat, videos, games, etc. - Remodeling and modification. - Use as a material to make other models. - Commercial use. - Use for creative works that include violent and sexual expressions. (Is there……?) [Things impossible] - Use it for acts or purposes that violate the law, anti-social acts or purposes, specific beliefs, religions, or political statements. - Use that infringes the intellectual property rights, other rights and honors of a third party. - Re-distribute and resell without adding any added value to this model (do not use it for works etc.). - Self-made remarks.