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    Original 3D Model Ponomitsu Parfait v1.00

    Published from : 2020/06/07 17:58:21

    Product Details

    Ponmitsu Parfait. You can use it as it is, or you can use it by itself as a fruit, spoon or menu list. You can also use them for video distribution, games, and video production. You can monetize it. ■Model Overview ・Number of polygons △23.760 Contents ・UnityPackage(Model data from UnityPackage) ・FBX(FBX model data) ・Blend(Model data for modification) ・PNG(One PNG texture data) ・PSD(Texture data for PSD modification) ・txt(English and Japanese model outline and terms of use) ■Operating Environment ・Unity2018.4.20f1 ・Blender v2.83.0 ■How to install UnityPackage Start a new project in Unity. Import the UnityPackage (Ponmitu_Parfait.unity). Import the file "Ponmitu_Parfait.prefab" in Assets into Hierarchy. If you don't need the Menu, right click on Menu in the "Ponmitu_Parfait" hierarchy. Please delete it by "Delete". ■About Shaders In the "Shaders" file, there's an "arktoon Shaders", "Oyasumisan Glass Sphere" , "Toon" files, In the file, Arc Toon Shader, Glass Shader, and Unity chan Toon Shader, respectively. It's in. ・Material "Parfait", "Spoon" It use the Unity-chan Toon Shader Ver. 2.0.7. The latest version of UTS2 shaders can be downloaded from the following URL https://github.com/unity3d-jp/UnityChanToonShaderVer2_Project ・Material "Glass" It use the Glass Shader for Glass Balls Ver 1.1. https://booth.pm/ja/items/1118922 ・Material "Spoon2", "Glass2" It use the Arktoon shader version https://packetbird.booth.pm/items/1027997 There are two variants available to you. If you want to change to a different shader setting, click on Drag the material onto Ponmitsu Parfait as it appears in the Scene, and press Drop in where you want to change it.

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of Use】 ・By purchasing the Model, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. ・The terms of use are subject to change, and in the event of a change, the most recent version will apply. ・This agreement is based in Japanese. ・The copyright of the pontmitsu parfait (hereinafter referred to as "this model") and the modified model is owned by the creator of this model, ekakimakuru. 【License】 ・You may use the model in services such as VRChat. ・You may use the model as an avatar on services such as VR Chat. ・Permission to use the model on video sites such as Youtube, video production and game production. ・Permission to create derivative works and doujinshi, etc. ・We do not limit the monetization of your work. We do not limit the monetization of your work. 【Prohibited matters】 ・Non-purchasers can use the model to upload their avatar pedestals and public VRChat avatars. It is forbidden to make the model available for use. ・You may not use this site for any content of R18 or R18G. ・The use of the model for the purpose of violating public order and morals, attacking others, annoying activities, political activities, religious activities, etc. is prohibited.  The use of any content that applies to the above is prohibited. ・Redistribution and sale of this model is strictly prohibited. ・You are not allowed to say that you have created this model. 【Actions against violators of this agreement】 ・We will delete or request deletion of all or part of the information sent or displayed by the user. 【Disclaimers】 ・The user shall be responsible for any trouble or damage caused by the use of or inability to use the distribution materials. You agree that the creator,ekakimakuru, is not responsible for any of these models. Please use this model at your own risk. June 07, 2020 Enacted. ■Contact information If you have any problems or questions, please contact us via DM on Twitter below.  https://twitter.com/ekakimakuru