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    Published from : 2023/11/24 22:53:50

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    Summary of model: This model was made to resemble a pit board used in automobile racing, etc. On VRChat, it can be used not only for the world of the racetrack, but also for various other things, such as decorating a room or giving it to an avatar. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model Specifications: Pit board frame: 1410 polys, 1 mesh, 1 material, no texture. A plate: 52 polys, 1 mesh, 1 material, 1 texture, The resolutions is 1024x1024, Up to 16 sheets can be filled in on a single texture. Material is assumed to be Standard. Sample set: 2242 polys, 2 meshes, 2 materials. VirtualMarket 2023 Winter set: 2034 polys, 2 meshes, 2 materials. KokodeBokete set: 1774 polys, 2 meshes, 2 materials. BSO set: 1982 polys, 9 meshes, 9 materials. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to use: After opening the world or avatar you wish to use in Unity, import and use the MAV_PitBoard4Rows.unitypackage file. If you want to change the lettering or placement of the board, please refer to the manual_en.html in the Manual folder. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: VirtualMarket 2023 Winter logo image: c HIKKY Co., Ltd The Vket logo is copyrighted by HIKKY Co., Ltd https://store.vket.com/ja/items/8052 Model and texture creation: mavyuuyu -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact: X(twitter): mavyuuyu -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this model. Please understand this in advance.

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