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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    【VR Avatar】Rana (Ver3.0)

    Published from : 2020/05/07 21:04:47

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    The production process and the world settings of the characters are published on FanBox. https://honeyray.fanbox.cc/ ------------------------------------------------------ ※※※ Please note ※※※ The model of this data is FBX format only It is not ready to use immediately after purchase. Load this data FBX into Unity Blend shape from Humanoid state, Shake settings and shader settings are required. For details, see the manual in the enclosed data. In addition, the manual does not describe the detailed procedure for converting to VRM and VRC. I am explaining the model data and texture for customizing. ------------------------------------------------------ ■Bundled data ・FBX ・Image data(PSD、PNG) ・Manual(Sorry,Japanese Only) ・Copyright text ■Data details ・Blend Shape (Facial23種、Ear9種) ・Polygon count 33850 ・With Base body

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    ■Terms of use -The copyright is not abandoned. (No credit notation required) -VR space, distribution, commercial use in video media is possible not only for individuals and corporations. -Modifications and modifications are possible. ・ Unmodified, unmodified, further modified, redistributed and resold after modification is prohibited. -Use of expressions and acts that violate general public order and morals, and religious or political use is prohibited. ・ 18 forbidden expressions that require mosaics and applications are prohibited. ・ Making a figure with a 3D printer Permission is allowed within the range of personal use, -Distributing and selling output products is prohibited. ■Disclaimer ・ When using this data, We are not responsible for any loss. ・ The contents of the terms of use may be changed without notice. * For details on terms of use and disclaimers Please see the included Readme text.