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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Original 3D model【Beniha】

    Published from : 2021/07/31 04:56:35

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    -------------------------------------------------- ※※※ please note ※※※ The model of this data is in FBX format only. It does not mean that you can use it immediately with VRC after purchase. To applications that use each avatar We would appreciate it if you could find out how to set the avatar by searching on the Web. -------------------------------------------------- The production process and the world settings of the characters are published on FanBox. https://honeyray.fanbox.cc/ ■ Bundled data ・ FBX ・ Image data (PSD, PNG) ・ text ■ Data details ・ Blend shape (16 facial expressions each) Blend shapes are included for VRC and VRM. Basic blend shape for VRC (vrc.v_ ~ + etc.) Basic blend shape for VRM (4 types of emotions + blink + etc.) ・ Number of polygons 28901

    Terms of Use

    【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. This model allows the following actions based on Individual terms in addition to the Basic Terms. ・Personal Commercial Use For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true