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    Sales start date : 2023/09/19 17:20:52

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    This is a 3D model with bone setup for wing-like dragon wings. We have prepared a prefab with two types of materials: MToon and lilToon. Each material comes in six different colors. Please note that the contents are available only in the Unity package format. <Confirmed to work with Unity 2019.4.31f1 and Unity 2021.3.4f1> ◇ Content Data ◇ Terms of Use Unity Package FBX Data Textures Materials Prefabs

    Terms of Use

    <Important Notes for Data Usage> As of July 8, 2023 ◇ Prohibited Actions Claiming as one's own work Redistribution and reposting Use for AI learning Uploading this data as-is for distribution, sale, or making it available for download by anyone Conversion into Cluster Craft items is prohibited. ◇ Permitted Actions Publicizing and distributing 3D spaces (worlds) using this data (monetization allowed) Use in game development and sales (for commercial use, please make sure to provide proper credit) Distribution and sale of backgrounds, illustrations, photo collections, etc., created using this data ◇ NFT-Related Information We prohibit the use of all data related to works sold in the "Rhombus - Warehouse of the Professional Demon King" shop for NFT-related purposes. This includes the sale of photos featuring this model, whether modified or unmodified, as well as derivative works (such as illustrations). ◇ We do not waive our copyright. ©2023 voddolesu