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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2023/04/26 17:58:04

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    Thank you for sharing the information about your original avatar created using VRoid Studio! Here is a summary of the usage guidelines: <Content> - Textures: VRoid-specific textures and Unity-altered normal maps for tops 1, tops 2, socks, and shoes. - VRM: VRM file with adjusted materials and physics settings for use in Unity. - VRoid Data: VRoid Studio official version-compatible vroid data and vroidcustomitem data for each outfit.

    Terms of Use

    ◇Prohibited Acts ・Claiming ownership ・Redistribution or reposting ・AI learning ・Distributing or selling avatars that use this data ◇Permitted Use of Data ・Feel free to alter colors or make modifications. ・Sales of creative works (such as novels, manga, and photo collections) featuring this avatar are permitted. ・Commercial use is permitted if it is mentioned in the summary or elsewhere. ・Please contact us before using this data for the creation of original 3D games. ・This avatar may be used on virtual SNS platforms (such as VRChat, VketCloud, cluster, VirtualCast, and NeosVR). ・Please refrain from using this data to create avatars or worlds that can be downloaded by others. ◇Copyright is not relinquished. If there are any other unclear points, please contact us. ©2023 voddolesu