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    Published from : 2023/04/26 18:13:45

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    This is a collection of music created during the process of playing in virtual space. ◇ List of Songs / World Names ◇ 01: Red Coral / coral 02: Moss Ball / Japanese - Serenity - 03: Wind Blowing Over the Peak - Piano Ver. / Sky Realm Vagaehamesaalua 04: Material Error / Material Error 05: Misty Dream / Water Lily 06: Princess Time / Princess Time 07: Holy Cathedral of the Sky / Cathedral of the Void Mekuarra 08: Moon Viewing / Moon Viewing 09: Work Space / Work Space 10: Bar & Lounge Viola / Bar & Lounge Viola 11: cluster GAMEJAM2023_Autumn / Clock Tower That Measures Time 12: Darjeeling with Extra Sugar / Slowly Time 13: Hot Chocolate / Hot Chocolate 14: Earl Grey Milk Tea / Commissioned Composition (World Currently Unavailable) *Song Release Authorized 15: Honey and Apple Pie / Unused Song 16: Streamline / Unused Song 17: Hidden Forest / World Unfinished 18: Sandglass of the Stars / Unused Song <Notes on Data Use> The purpose of this music collection is for personal enjoyment. You may use the BGM in other worlds, but please refrain from making the data publicly available for download. For any other arrangements, performances, or use of the music in videos or streaming, please include a link to this page.

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    Prohibitions: Claiming it as your own work Redistribution Distributing or selling worlds that use this sound source Copyright is not waived. ©2022 - 2023 voddolesu