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    Rifle sword【Free】

    Sales start date : 2022/11/20 22:26:23

    Product Details

    This is a SF style Gun sword. It is intended for use with VRchat. The shape key has a deformed motion. Please use it by setting it for animation etc. The second and others of the product image is an example of shape key setting. The total number of polygons is 2988. The contents of the paid version and the free version are the same. Booth's first exhibition & first 3D model work. There may be many problems, but I would be grateful if you could download it. Contents ・ Blender file ・ Fbx file ・ Png file ・ Unity Package If you have any questions or reports of problems, please contact us. Twitter:@Warjyu_VRC

    Terms of Use

    Banned acts ・ Secondary distribution (including modification) ・ Acts that cause trouble for others ・ Acts that pretend to be the creator of self-made remarks, etc. Disclaimer ・ The creator warjyu does not take any responsibility for any damages or accidents caused by using this model data.