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    Published from : 2023/07/01 18:37:13

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    A sword that can transform into two forms. intended for use in VRChat. Various animations such as the deployment animation of the armor attached to the sword are included. Since it supports ModularAvatar, it can be introduced in a few steps. Change log Ver1.0 2023.07.15 Release. Ver2.0 2024.03.03 We have made a major update. The updates are as follows. ・Added world fixation function ・Added reverse handholding and left/right handholding functions ・Added contact type sword sheathing function (4 locations) ・Added state saving function (maintains previous state even when moving to world etc.) ・Additional color variations ・Simplification of changing luminescent color The price has been revised. Body Information ・6 materials ・5508 polygons ・Includes gimmick ・Includes trail particles Shaders used ・lilToon Contents ・FBX data ・BLEND file ・UnityPackage ・PSD files ・texture etc.(UV, Emission, Dissolve, etc.) ・Icon image ・Prefab for ModularAvatar ・Prefab for manual installation ・Introduction manual Contact information If you have any bug reports, please let me know via DM or Mail. Twitter:@Warjyu_VRC Mail:warjyulab@gmail.com

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    Terms URL ・English(英語) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q390-afGYINpr118jk9vFmYxQIuSn8lu/view?usp=sharing ・Japanese(日本語) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SozgGX-dKxe-MfA2vf71RM5XtUQ3bfiF/view?usp=sharing ・Chinese(中文版) https://drive.google.com/file/d/12G7VjkUF74h3YuwZt8Trn1_igWMYBEJe/view?usp=sharing ・Korean(한국어 버전) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CKdNWJ8JnA5iwKcgF9b_zQYyAgwsUXPX/view?usp=sharing Main prohibited acts (excerpt from Terms of Use) ・Secondary distribution (including modified version of this data) ・Acts that disturb others ・Acts of misrepresenting the creator such as self-made remarks The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damage or accidents caused by the use of this product.