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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    Published from : 2022/11/20 20:37:48

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    A weapon characterized by its red blade and sheath decoration. It is assumed to be used with VRChat. Comes with a sword gimmick and trail particles. This data does not support quests. If it is only model data, it can be used by changing the shader. Added 2023/07/15 Support for ModularAvatar, updated model and materials. In addition, the animation etc. have been improved, and the synchronization lag has been improved to some extent and WriteDefault has been supported. Added on 2023/10/21 The structure has been significantly changed. You can now prevent erroneous triggering of the sword by using Contact, etc. Added particles and now supports left-handed use. When updating, please delete the files you have installed and reinstall the latest files. Information ・Number of materials: 6 ・7546 polygons ・Includes Animator for copying ・Various animations ・Prefabs shader used ・lilToon Contents ・FBX data ・BLEND file ・Unity Package ・PSD file ・Texture image ・UV image ・Emission images ・Introduction guide If you have any bug reports, please let me know via DM or Mail. Twitter:@Warjyu_VRC Mail:warjyulab@gmail.com

    Terms of Use

    Prohibited act ・Secondary distribution (including modified version of this data) ・Acts that disturb others ・ Acts of misrepresenting the creator such as self-made remarks Disclaimer ・The creator is not responsible for any damages or accidents caused by using this texture data.