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    【VRM / VRChat / FBX】The librarian lady

    Published from : 2023/11/04 22:45:15

    Product Details

    Please note that this is a machine translation, and there may be some inaccuracies. Loosely Deformed Original 3D Character Can be used as avatars (for VRM and VRChat) Can also be used as materials for games and video projects (bone structure is Unity Humanoid compliant) I will be exhibiting items at Vket2023Winter (12/2-17). During this period, you can try on VRChat avatars. If you are considering using it in VRChat, please come and try it out! Location: Barremhorn Midnight - Tavern Verattoria - 43 (Around the third building from the entrance) Preview on VRoidHub in VRM format is available here ↓ https://hub.vroid.com/characters/1252427740703959801/models/5976927662674908402 About Content and Data ● VRM "LibrarianA.vrm" in the ForVRM folder is the avatar data. Please use it with applications and services that support the VRM format. Expressions include lip-sync for "aiueo," left and right blinking, and various emotional expressions. (When changing expressions while blinking, the eye shape may be affected. If you can configure the settings not to close your eyes during expression changes, please do so.) ● For those who want to modify textures, materials, and settings in VRM This content is for those with a reasonable level of knowledge about Unity. Install "UniVRM" for VRM 0 in Unity. Create a folder with an appropriate name under Unity's Assets folder. Place the VRM data in it, and Unity will unpack texture, material, blend shape data, etc., in the same folder. Place "LibrarianA.vrm" in a suitable scene. You can edit the VRM settings attached to LibrarianA.vrm. (Please do not alter the usage terms or licensing terms.) After editing, export it via "VRM0> Export to VRM 0.x" from the menu. ● Unity Package for VRChat This content is for those with a reasonable level of knowledge about Unity. Prepare a Unity environment for uploading avatars to VRChat (create a Unity project for avatars using VRChat Creator). The shader uses the same "MToon" as VRM. Download "UniVRM" for VRM 0 from the VRM website and install the "VRMShaders/VRM/MToon" folder from the UnityPackage. (You can also reconfigure materials with your preferred shader if you make modifications.) Double-click on "ForVRC/LibrarianA.unitypackage" to import the package into your Unity project. Package Contents The data is located in the "Assets/Charactor/Librarian/Package" folder. When you open the scene, the avatar prefab is placed. "LibrarianA_VRC" is for PC, and "LibrarianA_VRC_Q" is for Quest. (The Quest version is simpler than the PC version. It has not been tested on actual devices, so it is an extra feature that cannot be guaranteed to work.) You should be able to upload it as-is by setting the name and thumbnail in the VRChat SDK during the upload process. Thumbnails for use during the upload settings are also included (VRCThumb.png). The performance rank is set to Medium for both PC and Quest. Please set the avatar to "Private" when uploading. Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions The left hand's hand gestures have expressions for four emotions (joy & excitement, anger, sorrow, surprise). Since blinking interferes with changing expressions, the default blinking mechanism is turned off, and a custom blinking animation is used for switching. If you want to turn off the PlayableLayers FX part used in hand gestures, the eye animation will not work normally, so it is recommended to set up the normal blinking settings. ("Eyelids" should be changed from "None" to "BlendShapes," and "FaceM" should be set for Mesh. Set "FaceBlend.FaceM_EyeClose..." for Blink. "LookingUP" and "Dawn" should be set to "None." Configuration changes are not necessary for normal use.) The mouth uses five blend shapes for "aiueo." It moves in sync with the voice. ● For those who want to use or modify FBX models This content is for those with a reasonable level of 3D modeling knowledge. There are FBX files for VRM, VRC (PC), and VRC (Quest), each with slight differences. VRM and PC versions differ mainly in the facial expressions included. The VRM version includes individual eye blinking, while VRChat includes both eyes blinking. The Quest version integrates all textures and materials. It only includes two blend shapes: 'Open Mouth ("a" mouth) and "Both Eyes Closed." It has fewer bones for accessories compared to the others. The VRM version's FBX can be found in the ForVRM/FBX folder, while the VRC version's FBX is included in the UnityProject after importing the UnityPackage. You can use the one that suits your needs. At the FBX stage, the materials are set with default shaders and only color textures. Material configuration needs to be done within Unity or your preferred software. Production Environment: MayaCreative (2024) Verified to Work: VRM version: VRMViewer 0.58.1, VRoidHub, 3teneFREE V3 VRChat (PC) version: VRChat Windows 10 Desktop Mode Regarding Requests and Modifications I am currently not accepting requests for modifications or the creation of original models (I generally do not accept jobs). I do not provide support for usage. Please contact me if you find any obvious issues or deficiencies (note that it may take time to make corrections). If you have any questions, please send a DM or a message on X(Twitter) (@hiragirakugaki).

    Terms of Use

    - Summary/Excerpts of the Terms and Conditions - ◆ Commercial Use ・Available for individuals and organizations, both for-profit and non-profit purposes. ◆ Redistribution/Distribution ・Redistribution is not allowed (regardless of modifications). ◆ Representations ・Usage for content that requires age restrictions for viewing or for political/religious purposes is not allowed. ・Usage that violates laws or involves inappropriate behavior or speech such as slander is prohibited. Usage that harms the image of this data is not allowed. ◆ Modification and Sharing ・Feel free to make modifications for personal use. ・Requests for modifications by third parties are also possible. ・Sharing data with an unspecified number of people is not permitted. ・In the case of using data for small-scale collaborative projects, it is allowed to share with the team, but usage by non-purchasers should be limited to tasks necessary for that project. ◆ Usage in 3D avatar-based communities and applications (VRChat, cluster, streaming apps, etc.) ・Uploading for personal use is allowed; however, uploading with the intent to distribute the model to third parties is not allowed. ◆ Material Usage ・Can be used as material for games and video production. ・Mainly selling products that appear as the data as it is, is prohibited. ・Acts that misrepresent the model's author are not allowed. Even if the original form is unrecognizable due to extensive modification, it cannot be presented as an "original model." ・If incorporating it into games or software and releasing it, please ensure that the data cannot be easily extracted. ◆ Other ・Credit attribution is not required (though if provided, it should be "たびびとAのトランク"). ・Transfer of rights and obligations is not permitted. ・The rights holder assumes no responsibility for the use of this data. ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18ddChuMAAjsGj0SHZguPHQnDSdmAjsTX Please review the PDF from the URL and use it after agreeing to the terms and conditions.