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    VRChat Avatar Armed Titan Ve3 VCC VRM included

    Published from : 2020/04/11 13:36:44

    Product Details

    The set includes a pre-configured scene and various models and textures of the "Armed Titan" in the Unitypackage. Pre-configured scenes, various models and textures are included in the unitpackage. Download VCC from VRChat official website https://vrchat.com/home/download Create a project for the avatar Add GestureManager from ManageProject. (If you have already installed it, this process is not necessary.) Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for the avatar. Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for your avatar. Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Mecha Bullet Effects for VRC https://booth.pm/ja/items/3562410 Finally, import the UnityPackage for this avatar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avatar Basic Information Status: VeryPoor Polygon count: 117444 Uploaded size: 26.60MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Details of contents ReadMe.txt Product image Pre-set scene contents Avatar_11_ArmedTitan Just double-click to open the scene and upload it. (If you can't open the scene by double-clicking, please right-click and select Open.) Below are the equipment models for the characters. Weapon_BucketWheel_Tank Weapon_Pilebunker Weapon_Toolgrip Weapon_BeamChainsaw Weapon_Machine gun Weapon_MissilePod Weapon_SniperRifle Weapon_TwinGatlingGun Model Data Avatar_11_ArmedTitan_26_Humanoid.fbx (Dummy model of a humanoid with high full-torque capability) Avatar_11_ArmedTitan_Ver2.fbx (Generic model of armed titan) Weapon_BeamChainsaw.fbx Weapon_BucketWheel_Tank.fbx Weapon_Machine gun.fbx Weapon_MissilePod.fbx Weapon_Pilebunker.fbx Weapon_SniperRifle.fbx Weapon_Toolgrip.fbx Weapon_TwinGatlingGun.fbx Material data VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor.mat VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame.mat VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass.mat Weapon_BeamChainsaw.mat Weapon_Machine gun.mat Weapon_MissilePod.mat Weapon_SniperRifle.mat Weapon_TwinGatlingGun.mat Additional material data for Ver2 dummy VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_2 Weapon_BucketWheel Weapon_Pilebunker Weapon_Tank Weapon_Toolgrip Additional material data for Ver3 Weapon_GravityBuster GravityBuster_Camera (for monitor) Texture data VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_Albedo VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_Ao VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_meisai VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_meisai_2 VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_Metal VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_Normal VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_Albedo VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_Ao VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_Emi VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_mask VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_Metal VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Frame_Normal VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass_Albedo VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass_Ao VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass_Metal VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Glass_Normal Weapon_BeamChainsaw Weapon_BeamChainsaw_Ao Weapon_BeamChainsaw_Emi Weapon_BeamChainsaw_Metal Weapon_BeamChainsaw_Normal Weapon_Machine gun Weapon_Machine gun_Ao Weapon_Machine gun_Metal Weapon_Machine gun_Normal Weapon_MissilePod Weapon_MissilePod_Ao Weapon_MissilePod_Metal Weapon_MissilePod_Normal weapon_SniperRifle weapon_SniperRifle_Ao weapon_SniperRifle_Emi weapon_SniperRifle_Metal weapon_SniperRifle_Normal Weapon_TwinGatlingGun Weapon_TwinGatlingGun_Ao Weapon_TwinGatlingGun_Metal Weapon_TwinGatlingGun_Normal Additional texture data VRChat_11_ArmedTitan_Armor_2 Weapon_BucketWheel Weapon_Pilebunker Weapon_Tank Weapon_Toolgrip Additional texture data 2 Weapon_GravityBuster Weapon_GravityBuster_Ao Weapon_GravityBuster_Emi Weapon_GravityBuster_Normal Animation Data & Animator AT_fingerPoint.anim AT_Fist.anim AT_HandGun.anim AT_HandOpen.anim AT_Idle.anim AT_Rocknroll.anim AT_Thmbsup.anim AT_victory.anim TwinGatlingGun_AvatarWeapon.anim TwinGatlingGun_L.anim TwinGatlingGun_R.anim Ver2 Animation Data & Animator AT2_Esuskabter_L.anim AT2_Esuskabter_L_End.anim AT2_Esuskabter_L_Loop.anim AT2_Esuskabter_L_St.anim AT2_Esuskabter_R_End.anim AT2_Esuskabter_R_Loop.anim AT2_Esuskabter_R_St.anim AT2_fingerPoint.anim AT2_HandGun.anim AT2_Pile_L.anim AT2_Pile_L.controller AT2_Pile_R.anim AT2_Pile_R.controller AT2_Rocknroll.anim AT2_Thmbsup.anim AT2_victory.anim Bakethoil_kaiten.anim BucketWheel_01.L.controller BucketWheel_01.R.controller Tool_1.L.controller Tool_1.R.controller Tool_L.anim Tool_R.anim Weapon_pile1_L.controller Weapon_pile1_R.controller -For rotating the Gatling in the avatar Weapon_TwinGatlingGun_L0.controller Weapon_TwinGatlingGun_R0.controller -For rotating the gatling gun in the avatar's weapon TwinGatlingGun_AvatarWeapon.controller ◆Materials and textures for effects A11_ParticleAfterburner A11_ParticleGlow A11_ParticleSteam P_canon_Beem1.mat P_canon_Beem1.mat P_canon_Beem2.mat P_canon_Beem2.mat P_handgun_Beem1.mat P_handgun_Beem2.mat P_handgun_Beem2.mat ParticleSmokeWhite.mat ParticleSmokeWhite.mat ParticleSpark.mat ParticleSpark.mat How to use avatar weapons All have particles set and active. After placing them under the avatar's bone hierarchy, deactivate the animated bones and particles, and activate them when creating the motion for the Expression menu. Activate them when you create the motion for the Expression menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Animator & settings file for VRChatAvatar 3.0 Idle motion and hand signs have been overwritten with your own vrc_AvatarV3ActionLayer_ArmedTitan vrc_AvatarV3FXLayer_ArmedTitan vrc_AvatarV3HandsLayer_ArmedTitan vrc_AvatarV3IdleLayer_ArmedTitan vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer_ArmedTitan vrc_StandingLocomotion_ArmedTitan Expressions configuration file VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Armar Armor Changing Sub Menu VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Emote For normal Emote playback VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Equipment_Construction Sub menu for construction equipment VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Equipment_crane Sub menu for crane of construction equipment specification VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Weapon_All Sub-menu for military-spec weapons summary VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Weapon_Military_1 Sub menu for arm equipment VRCExMenu_ArmedTitan_Sub_Weapon_Military_2 Submenu for body equipment VRCExpressionParameters_ArmedTitan Changed all weapon-related items to Bool type. VRCExpressionsMenu_ArmedTitan Exclusive Expressions Menu for Armed Titan Weapon's bullet firing is hand-signed Fist. For MR and VIVE, trigger is used, and for Quest2, two triggers must be pressed at the same time and the button must be touched to fire the weapon. -Icon folder Icon image data used in Expressions

    Terms of Use

    You can find more details here. It is written in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. 20230629122138vn3license_en.pdf 20230629122138vn3license_en.pdf 20230629122138vn3license_zh.pdf 20230629122138vn3license_ko.pdf The contents are also output as an image. The contents not mentioned above are Output with a 3D printer for non-commercial purposes is OK. Installation as an object (figure or NPC) in the world is OK. ● Regarding VRM, the terms and conditions are contained in the VRM, so they are not written here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Disclaimer (Anomalo P) shall not be liable for any damages incurred by using this data. Please use it under the user's responsibility. ◆Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for mutual followers. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) Or to this email address. anomarokarintou★yahoo.co.jp Please change ★ to @ and send. Or join our discord server and inquire. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Terms of Use established on February 21, 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update History ・July 02, 2023 Directory has been changed to correspond to VCC. The directory has been moved to AnomaroWorkShop/Character. (Note that overwriting the previous data will mess up the directory.) Japanese and English versions are available in the Expression menu. The _JP in the scene data is the Japanese version, and _Eng is the English version of the menu. Please use it as you like. Also, the Terms of Use have been moved to the VN3 license. The basics are the same as before, but it is much easier to understand. When importing to VCC, the constrains are destroyed by T-pause and the problem that cannot be uploaded normally is corrected. Fixed an issue where the constrains were destroyed and could not be uploaded properly when imported to VCC. Switching armor to construction machine type or frame while selecting a weapon and firing a round Tweaked animations and animators to hide effects when switching armor to construction machine type or frame while selecting a weapon and firing a round. April 24, 2022. Fixed a parameter specification error in the animator for the right-footed missile pod. April 17, 2022 Adjusted the super weapon stopping immediately if the hand sign is stopped while firing. (FX animators only) April 16, 2022 Migrated shaders from UTS2 to liltoon Improvements to Expression and ease of operation. The Expression menu was reorganized and rearranged so that it only goes down one level. Weapons are now easier to handle by using the hand sign Fist to fire them. All weapons can now be activated individually and can be fired simultaneously. Fbx and animations have been updated, so it is better to import a new version than to overwrite a previous version. It is safer to import a new version than to overwrite a previous version. July 9, 2021: Fixes to the ice. Since the VRChat update last month, only the Avatar 3.0 VR mode Avatar 3.0 VR mode had been experiencing upper body collapse only since the VRChat update last month. March 13, 2021: The last update, Gravity Buster, a super weapon, was added. It will be added to the previously empty Expressionmenu→Weapon→Body. GravityBuster deploys and stores the equipment, GravityBuster_Fire fires it. Firing is only possible in the deployed state. When the GravityBuster is deployed, it has a monitor attached to it and can be viewed from an angle behind you. It is possible to see the whole view from an angle behind you. (This monitor is only visible to you and your friends due to VRChat specifications.) December 23, 2020: The chair in the avatar has been modified. Only the scene data was changed. If you have modified the textures, please be careful not to overwrite the textures when importing. August 14, 2020 Avatar 3.0 support The Expression menu for Avatar 3.0 has been added. Avatars used to be prepared for each piece of equipment, but now they are all-in-one. The Expression menu allows free switching between armor and equipment, The Expression menu allows you to freely switch between armor and equipment, to control various equipment in detail, and to freely move the crane, which used to be only a decoration. June 18, 2020: Mistake fixed. There was a mistake in the morph of the frame part, so Fbx was corrected. June 17, 2020 Update to Ver.2 General construction equipment specification armor and various equipment, corresponding animations and animators were added. Full tiger support without changing the shape, adjustment of bones, etc. were made. February 22, 2020 Mistake correction. There was a mistake in the normal version of Prefab, which was corrected. An extra chair was mixed in with the bone on the right shoulder of the seatbelt, so it was removed. February 21, 2020: Start of sales.