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    Atelier Lalaluu -LicenseAgreement-

    Published from : 2023/05/01 15:01:54

    Product Details

    VN3 License Generator This is a set of License Agreement created by Lalaluu using (https://www.vn3.org/). Includes a simple list with logos for easy confirmation. This is the full text of the Terms of Use that apply to almost all of Atelier Lalaluu products. Please check before purchasing product data. The version uploaded here is the latest version. The latest version of the current Terms of Use 日本語 : ららるーのアトリエ利用規約_ver.20231212 English : Atelier Lalaluu_License_Agreement_ver.20231212 中文:Atelier Lalaluu_的条款和条件_ver.20231212 한국어:Atelier Lalaluu_이용 약관_ver.20231212 ---------------------------------------- Please follow us on Twitter, misskey.design, etc. for important announcements such as version changes of the terms and conditions, as well as for announcements including minor changes. ---------------------------------------- Copyright owner:Lalaluu Mail:​promethe.avatar@gmail.com Twitter:@LalaluuVR misskey.design:@lalaluu Website: https://promethe.booth.pm/

    Terms of Use

    This data is the Terms and Conditions that apply to almost all products sold in my store. Please be sure to download and review these terms and conditions before using any of our other products.