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    【VRoid】Velvet Short Boots -7color-

    Published from : 2023/11/19 19:28:32

    Product Details

    This data is a short boot with velvet fabric-like texture for Stiletto Boots that can be worn with VRoid Studio [v1.24.0] or later versions. Exhibitions on VRChat Virtual Market 2023 Winter Pixelica - Adventure Town - Fighting Street - 4 Dates:2023/12/2 (Sat) - 12/17 (Sun)Scheduled to exhibit. ---file contents --- ・For Stiletto Boots  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Beige.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Brown.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Emerald Green.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Marine Blue.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Purple.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Wine Red.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots_Black.png  ▶Velvet Short Boots.psd ・README *The version may be updated without notice for additions, weight reductions, fixes, etc. *Avatar is not included. *Please note that this is a downloadable product and no refunds will be made after purchase. *If there are any announcements, we will use X (formerly Twitter) or send a bulk message to BOOTH followers ---How to use --- It is intended to be dressed in VRoidStudio v1.24.0 or later versions. Velvet Short Boots" are for Stiletto Boots. Outfit→Shoes→Custom Items→Create New→Select "Stiletto Boots" in Template Selection→Edit Texture→Import Velvet Short Boots texture in your favorite color for the shoe texture. Move the seek bar in the shoe parameters to get the desired shape. (I think it will look more velvet-like if you adjust the glazing and shadow appearance by manipulating the seek bar of the "body" in the rim light and shading in the "look" adjustment to your liking) Please use "Velvet Short Boots.psd" for color modification. ---------------------- Contact for right holders and right holders right holder:​Lalaluu (ららるー) メール:​promethe.avatar@gmail.com Twitter:​@LalaluuVR Website:​https://promethe.booth.pm/ ※I use DeepL translation. Slang and abbreviated words may not be understood, so please use simple English when communicating in English.

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