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    [3DItem] Magical WarHammer

    Published from : 2023/09/01 18:50:50

    Product Details

    This data is intended to be used as an accessory for VRChat avatars and VRM avatars (cluster, etc.). ---file contents --- ●Magical WarHammer ▷FBX    ▶M_War Hammer_v1.0(△5350) ▷Texture    ▶M_War Hammer_Yellow    ▶M_War Hammer_Pink    ▶M_War Hammer_Green    ▶M_War Hammer_Dark    ▶M_War Hammer_Blue    ▶M_Hammer_UV    ▶Halo_Gradation    ▶M_Mask    ▶M_MatCap    ▶M_Particle    ▶PSD_M_War Hammer ▷unitypackage    ▶M_War Hammer_v1.0_VRC    ▶M_War Hammer_v1.0_cluster ▷lilToonShaderのURL ●README (JPN) ●README (ENG) ※Version may be updated without notice for additions, weight reductions, fixes, etc. ※Avatar not included ※Please note that this is a downloadable product and no refunds can be made after purchase. ※I will use Twitter for any announcements. ---How to use--- ●UnityPackage is tailored for VRChat/cluster respectively. -------------------- Right holders and contact information for right holders Rights holders:Lalaluu Email:promethe.avatar@gmail.com 𝕏(Twitter):@LalaluuVR Website:https://promethe.booth.pm/

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    Atelier Lalaluu_License_Agreement The License Agreement can be downloaded from the VketStore page below. Please check it out. https://store.vket.com/ja/items/7333