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    Lip Sync can be automatically registered to the animator to prevent interference with facial expressions. If you are looking for something more than just lip-sync... If you want to add a shape key for lip-sync to an expression animation. When you want to have a shape key for lip-sync in your facial expression animation. When you want to change the lip-sync to match the facial expression. Right-click on the Hierarchy and select LipSyncSetter. 3. Drag and drop your avatar into the window that opens. 4. Drag and drop an avatar into the window that opens. 4. By default, when an avatar is assigned, the LipSync information and FX layer are automatically assigned from the avatar descriptor. When you assign another mesh to FaceMesh, you can create an animation with that mesh's shape key. The LipSync drop-down menu will default to the shape key from the avatar descriptor, but you can change it yourself. The default is to overwrite the FX layer assigned to the avatar, but you can optionally merge it into a new FX layer. You can turn on/off lip-sync without using VRC Animator Tracking Control by creating a parameter that controls "DisableLipSync".

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    Script] Released under MIT license. Animator] CC0. Based on "[VRChat] Lip Sync Template [Avatars3.0] (https://booth.pm/ja/items/3833776)".