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    Sales start date : 2022/11/20 03:44:27

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    This is a Unity extension that organizes the PhysBone and PhysBoneCollider components on your avatar. It keeps the parameters of the original component and rearranges the PhysBone and PhysBoneCollider into 1 object = 1 component. Usage: - When you want to edit multiple components at once. Since 1 object = 1 component, you can select multiple components on the Hierarchy and edit them all at once. When you want to simplify the on/off of animation. Since the component is not attached to a bone, you can move it anywhere you like. You can also attach it to a clothing child to stop the PhysBone with the on/off animation of the clothing. 1. import unitypackage 2. display the extension window by one of the following methods 2.1 Select Tools>PBReplacer from the toolbar 2.2 Right click on the Hierarchy and select PBReplacer 3. drag and drop your avatar into the window that opens 4. press the Apply button 5. Drag and drop your avatar into the window that opens 4. press the Apply button Movie: https://twitter.com/C_Colloid/status/1518563149447938050?s=20&t=WU9-gEMYzk-G-BsxEvudEQ The object name will be automatically completed if RootTransform is not set. The name of the object will be the name of the RootTransform object. If the original component is attached to a different location than the RootTransform, it will be generated so that "the object name where the component was attached > the RootTransform object name".

    Terms of Use

    This tool is released under the MIT License.