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VR空間のプロダクト専門ECサイト Vket Store

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    VRChat Web Pages Extender

    Sales start date : 2020/04/22 19:50:25

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    The script is published on Greasy Fork. https://greasyfork.org/scripts/371331 This is Greasemonkey script adding features into VRChat Web Pages and improve user experience. • Adds favorite add/remove buttons to your friend’s user pages and worlds pages • Adds Status and Status Description Update form to “Edit Profile” page • Changes a page title in user pages and worlds pages Available for Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Please see the following pages for how to install on each browser. I recommend Greasemonkey for Firefox and Violentmonkey for Opera or Google Chrome. How to install user scripts | Greasy Fork https://greasyfork.org/help/installing-user-scripts

    Terms of Use

    Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 (MPL-2.0) https://spdx.org/licenses/MPL-2.0.html