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    Characters(Machines & Robots)
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    Scar ver1.02(VCC)

    Published from : 2020/11/21 04:43:01

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    This is a robot avatar that can be transformed from a humanoid to a wolf.※ You can transform and open and close the mouth from the Expressions Menu.※ The right eye has a lip-sync function, which deforms like a voice waveform as it occurs. This data is produced by Unity 2019.4.31f1(VCC). Please install liltoon in advance when installing. (https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170) This avatar is only compatible with the PC. It cannot be used with Quest. I have confirmed the operation when using it with 3-point tracking on Vive, but we have not confirmed compatibility with full tracking and other VR devices. There is already set up data in the prefab folder. ※Even if it is transformed, the user's viewpoint does not change. It will be updated as soon as we know how to move the viewpoint after transformation, but the current situation is undecided. ※Expression Menu transform:It can be transformed from humanoid to wolf-shaped to humanoid. bite:The wolf's mouth opens while you hold down the button

    Terms of Use

    At the time of purchase of this model, it is considered that you have agreed to the following terms of use. The copyright of this model belongs to Brass C2329. When uploading this model to VRChat or other VR SNS, please make it available only to the purchaser. Pedestal, publicization, cloning, etc. are prohibited. Distribution and sale of this model data is prohibited. You are free to modify the model for personal use by the purchaser. There is no problem with using this model data in games or Youtube channels and the resulting monetization. Even if you use in any environment, including the VRChat, thank you within a range that does not contrary to law and common sense and good sense. Please do not use it for crimes, slander to others, politics, religious activities, etc. I am not responsible for any damage incurred using this model.