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    Artificial-muscle general-purpose frame "Yasha"

    Published from : 2023/03/16 16:42:57

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    This avatar was created for VRC. The image is that of a robot or cyborg with artificial muscles. Please refer to the introduction video for more details. The following is a copy of the included readme. 1. settings in Unity Please install liltoon shader (https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170) in advance and upload it from VCC to VRC. Avatar data can be found in the prefab folder or in the "Yasha Scene" folder. The following is a brief explanation of each. 2. about each avatar There are 6 avatars in the prefab folder or "Yasha Scene". Each avatar is divided into 3 normal versions and 3 lightweight versions. The three normal versions These are avatars without "~Light" at the end of their names. The mesh of each part is not combined, and each part can be hidden. Therefore, they are suitable for modification, etc., but will be treated as very poor in VRC. Three lightweight versions These are avatars with "Light" at the end of their names. These are lightweight versions with the mesh combined as much as I could. I recommend using these if you do not want to modify them in any way. The following is a description of the avatar names, functions, etc. common to both the standard and lightweight versions. Yasha Original A simple avatar with a body made of artificial muscles. The waste heat fins on the ears, eyelids, and eyes move with animation. There is no change in facial expression. Lip-sync is used to display a rainbow-colored audio waveform on the front of the face. These features are also present in the following two types of armors. Yasha Standard Armor. This avatar is an armored version of the Original. There is no difference between this avatar and the Original except in appearance. Yasha Gun saber This avatar is equipped with a bayonet on top of the Yasha Standard Armor. By pressing the power button on the left arm with the right "Finger Point", the menu for activating the bayonet opens. Press "Gun activate" to move the holder to the left hip, and "Fist" the grip with the right hand to hold it. Press "close" to close the menu. The bayonet can be fired by "Thumbs Up" with the right hand, or in sword mode by "Fist" the sub grip with the left hand. To deactivate sword mode, "Hand Open" the left hand with the sub grip. To put away the bayonet, open the bayonet activation menu again, press "Gun activate", and then "Hand Open" with the right hand where the bayonet used to be. Yasha Gun saber" is very poor in both normal and lightweight versions due to the gimmick of the bayonet. 3. 3. About "Omake" folder The "Omake" folder contains textures for the "Yasha Standard Armor" that do not have outlines drawn on them. If you are concerned about jaggies in the outlines of the default textures, you can replace them here and add outlines in the shader settings. 4. at the end I plan to add new armor and additional parts as I have the energy or the inclination to do so. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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