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    Yasha Optional Parts "Benimukade"

    Published from : 2023/12/01 19:51:59

    Product Details

    This is an armor part intended for use with "Artificial Muscle Type General-purpose Body 'Yasha'" (https://brassc2329.booth.pm/items/4607670). When using this product, it is necessary to purchase and install the same product in advance. Below is a copy of the included readme. 1. About settings in Unity Please install the following two points in advance and upload from VCC to VRC. ・liltoon(https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170) ・“Artificial muscle general-purpose skeleton “Yasha”” (https://brassc2329.booth.pm/items/4607670) Avatar data that has been set up exists in the prefab folder in the "Benimukade" folder or in the "Benimukade Scene". 2. About avatars Once the necessary data has been installed, you will be able to use the "Benimukade 1.00" avatar. If you upload to VRC, you can use special animations for Menu and hand signs. Menu details ・L_Arm Safety When you start it up, the left arm animation will start with the hand sign below. ①Left Rock'n'Roll: The drill at the tip of your left hand rotates. ②Right Thumbs -Up: The left hand extends like a pile bunker. ③Left Gun: Fires flame from the left hand. *Only ③ cannot be used unless the next "Over Drive" is running. ・Over Drive When activated, each part of the armor expands, particles begin to be released, and heat is dissipated. ・Battou When activated, the sword on your right shoulder moves to the side of your face, so if you hold the handle in that state, you can equip the sword in your right hand. If you activate Over Drive with a sword equipped, a "slash" icon will be displayed in front of you by holding your right hand. If you touch this icon, you can fire a blade light wave. When sheathing the sword, start "Battou" again, align the sword with the scabbard, and open your right hand. Four. lastly Initially, we planned to be able to configure it using Modular Avata, but we decided that it would be difficult to understand the specifications before starting Vket, so we adopted the traditional prefab method. I plan to update once I understand MA. Change log 20231207: Fixed a bug where the blade light waves were not synchronized.

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