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    【Free, for VRC】Avatar Particle Pen (APPen)

    Published from : 2020/11/18 15:55:27

    Product Details

    The Avatar Particle Pen is a gimmick that uses VRChat's Avatars 3.0 to add a real-world, object-independent pen to your avatar. This gimmick can be easily introduced using the editor extension. The color and brush size can be changed in-game, and the shape of the brushes can also be changed in Unity. There is also an integration feature when using Radial Inventory System. The number of parameters used: from 1 to 3 (detailed in the readme) Note*. Since the handsign detects the use of the pen, it may be a little difficult to use with Vive and others. You can assign your favorite handsign on the editor extension, so please do not hesitate to use it. (Optimized for Oculus) This gimmick uses particles, so you can't show it to anyone who can't see the particles. (If you are a TrustedUser, anyone can see it, as long as their ShieldLevel is set to the default value. (If you are a TrustedUser, as long as their ShieldLevel is set to the default, anyone can see it, but if someone other than TrustedUser uses it, only friends or users who have changed their ShieldLevel will see it. Also, people who enter the world later cannot see what was drawn before they entered. Introduce it before any other gimmick, such as VL2. Introduce them in the following order: Radial Inventory -> APPen -> VL2. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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