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Vket Store: Discover assets tailored for the virtual space

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    KokkiSoukou YashaNoKyoutsui

    Published from : 2021/07/26 17:17:49

    Product Details

    This is the armor of the KokkiSoukou series. Color variations are 10 colors x 3 types of ornaments (2 with + 1 without) = 30 sets. We will be exhibiting at VketMall Proto! This work is intended to be used with VRChat and Unity. It can also be used for games, distribution, etc. Contents UnityPackage fbx file (main body) Textures (Albedo, MetalicSmoothness, Normalmap, Emissionmap) 10 colors x 3 sets Terms of Use Drag and drop the UnityPackage into Unity's Project. This is a Prefab, so you can use it as a Scene. Please adjust the scale according to the size of your avatar. The back side has not been made. Polygon count: -2650 Dimensions: X 63.27[cm] Y 58.92[cm] Z 105.80[cm] (in the file with integrated mesh) The shader used is assumed to be Standard. Apply the corresponding Albedo, MettallicSmoothness, Normalmap, and Emissionmap textures to the material. textures to the material.

    Terms of Use

    Terms of product: - Author "NobiruHochikisu" has all copyrights. - The following acts are prohibited: 1. Using against public order and morals. 2. Using for political or religious calm. 3. Redistribution and Resale. 4. Claim that you the creator of this product. - We don't restrict of modifying model and texture, and we also allow you to use this product for commercial use. - Even if you get any troubles or losses by using the model data or modifyed model, author, our participants, and groups they belong to do not take any responsibility.