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    Original 3D Avatar "Alcor"

    Published from : 2023/11/21 22:38:41

    Product Details

    Alcor" is a Quest-enabled 3D avatar designed for use in VRChat. In addition to VRChat, it can be used for various VRSNS, distribution, etc. Alcor" has a Public version that the creator has made available on VRChat. Common items in each file - FBX - PSD for texture modification - Two types of textures - Terms of Use - For VRChat Version Pre-setup UnityPackage for VRChat. - Dynamic Bone Version UnityPackage with Dynamic Bone setup. - VRM Version VRM file with facial expression and spring bone settings. Avatar Specs - Performance rank in VRChat: Excellent (PC)/Good (Quest) - Polygons: 5716 - Meshes: 1 - Materials: 1 - PB supported - Fallback Avatar supported

    Terms of Use

    By using this model in any form, you agree to these Terms of Use. *Terms of Use Alteration or modification is permitted. Use for commercial purposes such as video distribution or animation production is permitted. When a company or corporation uses this model, please contact us regardless of whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use. Copyrights are not waived. *Prohibited items Redistribution or use in a cloneable state (including altered or modified versions) Use in violation of public morals Use for the purpose of slander, libel, political or religious activities Use for the purpose of undermining this model. Creator AsumiKei https://twitter.com/kinoenomado