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    Quest support original 3D avatar "CZ"

    Published from : 2020/12/02 15:20:21

    Product Details

    Sorry,The following text is written using a translator. There may be sentences that are difficult to understand. "CZ" is an original avatar for Quest that is supposed to be used in VRChat. Unlike the Public version, this is a complete version with adjustments such as weights and some mesh and bone improvements. In addition, there are no plans to update the Public version in the future, but we plan to update this sales version as soon as there are problems or requests. [Avatar performance] Overall Performance:Excellent Polygons:4396 Mesh:1 Materials:1 [Contents] -Unity Package -FBX -PNG texture (Cyan / Red / Yellow / Black) -PSD file for texture modification -Readme.txt -CZ仕様について.txt(Avatar specifications) [Avatar specifications] -This model "CZ" is designed for use with VRChat. It can be used in other applications as long as it is used in accordance with the terms of use, but its operation cannot be guaranteed. -This avatar is set up with VRC SDK3. Please import VRC SDK3 first and then install it. Also, the settings are not reflected in VRC SDK2. Please be careful. -The shader of this model uses Toonlit. Operation with other shaders cannot be guaranteed. -By default, facial expressions are set only for the right hand. Please set Animation to your liking. -This model is compatible with Oculus Quest. If you want to use it with Quest, select Android from File> Build Settings of Unity and build it. -In addition to Cyan, Red, Yellow, and Black textures and materials, layered psd files are included. Please change it to your favorite color and use it. (If you want to change the color of each part, we have prepared a "Detailed color modification" folder, so please use that.) -There is a public version of "CZ" released by the creator. There are differences in weight and some meshes from the sales model.

    Terms of Use

    The following text is written using a translator. The terms of use are based on the Japanese ones(Original text). By using this model in any way, you agree to these Terms of Use. [Terms of service] -Can be modified or modified -Can be used for commercial purposes such as video distribution and animation production -Can be used to modify another avatar using some parts (Please use according to the terms of use of the avatar to be modified) -When companies and corporations use this model, please be sure to contact us regardless of whether it is commercial or non-commercial. -The copyright is not abandoned. [Prohibited matter] -Redistribution and use in a cloneable state -Use against public morals -Use for slander, politics, and religious activities -Use for the purpose of degrading this model [Disclaimer] -The author is not responsible for any damage or trouble caused by using this model. Producer: Kei Asumi https://twitter.com/kinoenomado https://kinoenomado.tumblr.com/