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    Original 3D model 『Leo』

    Sales start date : 2023/05/05 22:27:55

    Product Details

    Innocent protagonist type of boy. Click here to try on avatars (VRChat World) https://vrch.at/ueqr70fb This 3D model is intended for use in VRChat. Please read and agree to the following specifications and terms of use before using the data. ▶Model Specifications Version:Avatar3.0 Avatar Performance:Poor Poly:32067 shader: lilToon Facial Animation:8 Facial Edit Blenshapes:38 Blendshapes for facial expressions in MMD:5 Blendshape to prevent the body from sticking to the costume:10 PhysBone:configured Lipsync:configured -Eye tracking and automatic blinking:configured Fullbody Tracking:Supports up to 6-point tracking ▶Data content ・Ver〇〇_UTN_03_Leo.unitypackage ・Ver〇〇_UTN_03_Leo_Quest.unitypackage ・利用規約 ・FBX ・Blender_Texture ・VRM

    Terms of Use

    Please read the following before purchasing. https://rushiawork.wixsite.com/utnhp/vrc-lisence