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    "GameVketchan" Avatar for VRSNS

    Published from : 2022/09/01 18:49:24

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    This is GameVketchan, the official character of GameVket. Vket Girls Avatarization Crowdfunding has made it into 3D. Thank you very much for your support! [Contents] GameVketchan.unitypackage FBX PSD Texture [Specifications] Polygons: 29,211 Overall Performance Rank: Medium Skinned Mesh Renderers: 8 Material Slots: 9 Pys Bone Transform Count: 103 [Creator] Yagyu https://twitter.com/ASSAULTFOX 《List of Supporters》 A_A_Iranatuf様 akari様_ arikuiroom様 Bizz様 cako様 Chisa Suetsugu様 Chriin様 coron_115様 eeharumt様 ENDIAS様 Francis様 HayaTikaze様 inmyg様 joniburn様 kazutr様 kelupu様 kodoresu(コードレス)様 lili様 Makria様 mochi5z様 mohikanius様 Nattsu_231様 niitsu様 pakira様 seka様 selt<54>様 Shyf0xBarit0n3様 siroyuri様 TMJP様 TN1267様 UMIUSiO様 Verox Ichigo様 WaraiUsagi様 Xaucia -しょーしゃ-様 Yale様 ykb様 Yukino様 アリアルてつお様 エダカワミナト様 さぐるま様 サックー様 すずりん様 ダァ シエリイェス様 ダァシェリェス様 たぬき鍋様 デアムーキン様 トータ様 ドーラノイン様 にが豆汁様 ぱす様 はるかぜ様 ペケポン様 みかんレイン様 みつあみやぎこ様 やきもろこし様 ヨネスケ様 らとずみ様 らびぃぃ様 ららりす様 リセルヴァ様 レナス・スケイム様 れみどし様 応援します様 狐火きあらん様 湿布様 松浦はこ様 単独様 兎鍋様 辺野ミキ様 林啓太様 零閃様 漣α [sazanami_alpha]様 貽貝うつぼ様

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    【Terms of Use】 This model is released under UV license. Allow use as an avatar. (Basic terms) Allow alteration to avatars and divert parts for the purpose of adding personality . (Basic terms) Allow personal commercial use.(Individual terms) Allow distribution of derivative works.(Individual terms) Allow distribution, and diversion of data.(Individual terms) For the full text of the rules, please refer to the following URL. https://uv-license.com/en/license?utf8=%E2%9C%93&pcu=true&ddw=true&dmd=true