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    VRChat avatar NatsunoRemasterVer VCC VRM included Quest version

    Published from : 2020/04/28 07:57:40

    Product Details

    The set includes a set of pre-configured scenes and various models and textures of "Natsuno" in the unitypackage. A set of pre-configured scenes, various models and textures are included in the unitpackage. Download VCC from VRChat official website https://vrchat.com/home/download Create a project for the avatar Add GestureManager from ManageProject. (If you have already installed it, this process is not necessary.) Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for the avatar. Download and import the necessary assets and shaders for your avatar. Free] lilToon https://booth.pm/ja/items/3087170 Mecha Bullet Effects for VRC https://booth.pm/ja/items/3562410 I borrowed the texture of a yukata. You can change the patterns of yukata and swimsuits by copying and pasting them together. https://booth.pm/ja/items/1002538 Finally, import the UnityPackage for this avatar. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Basic information about the avatar Status: VertPoor Polygon count: 216946 Uploaded size: 52.71MB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Details of contents ReadMe.txt Product images Pre-configured avatar scenes VRChatAvatar3.0 compatible Avatar_12_Natuno.Unity Just double-click to open the scene and upload it. (If you can't open the scene by double-clicking, right-click and use Open to open it.) I wanted to prepare blender data as well, but I found out that passing the data through blender would mess up the animations I made in Unity. I wanted to prepare blender data as well, but I couldn't solve the problem of animation created by Unity when I passed the data through blender, so I gave up on it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Materials & Textures Accessory_Glasses_Frame Accessory_Glasses_Glass E_shield GarudaUnit GU_Blade GU_Machinegun GU_Machinegun_Bullet GU_ParticleCannon GU_Shield VRChat_12_Natuno_Body VRChat_12_Natuno_cheek VRChat_12_Natuno_Fuku1 VRChat_12_Natuno_Fuku2 VRChat_12_Natuno_Hair VRChat_12_Natuno_Karada VRChat_12_Natuno_Underware VRChat_Ex_BathTowel VRChat_Ex_BunnyGirl VRChat_Ex_Girly VRChat_Ex_Gymclothes VRChat_Ex_Jersey VRChat_EX_Maid VRChat_EX_Maid_short VRChat_Ex_Mecha_inner VRChat_Ex_Santa VRChat_Ex_Schoolswimwear VRChat_Ex_Schoolswimwear_kyuu VRChat_Ex_swimwear VRChat_Ex_Yukata Contains base color textures, normal maps, and element mask textures in Png format of the same name. All textures come with PSD format for modification. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ◆Animator & configuration files for VRChatAvatar3.0 Idle motion and hand signs have been overwritten with your own vrc_AvatarV3ActionLayer_Natuno vrc_AvatarV3FX_Natuno vrc_AvatarV3HandsLayer_Natuno vrc_AvatarV3IdleLayer_Natuno vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer_Natuno vrc_StandingLocomotion_Natuno In Common_Animatar folder vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer_Floating_Women is Anomaro avatar's common flying gimmick animator. Expressions setting file VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Cloth_AllCategory for displaying clothing categories VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Cloth_Cosplay Clothing related to cosplay VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Cloth_EX Special clothes VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Cloth_Normal Default clothes and swimwear, girly VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Cloth_School Natuno school related clothing VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Emote Normal Emote VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_Face For changing facial expression, this has priority over hand signs. VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_GarudaUnit Menu for Garuda Unit Access to costume changes and various equipment VRCExMenu_Natuno_Sub_GarudaUnit_Weapon_Hand Operation of equipment for arms VRCExpressionsMenu_Natuno Natuno Expressions Menu The right hand weapon and the waist weapon are the right hand hand sign and Fist for firing the bullets of the Garuda unit weapon.  The machine gun for the left hand is left hand hand sign Fist. -Icon folder Icon image data used for Expressions.

    Terms of Use

    You can find more details here. It is written in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. 20230629123543vn3license_en.pdf 20230629123543vn3license_en.pdf 20230629123543vn3license_zh.pdf 20230629123543vn3license_ko.pdf The contents are also output as an image. The contents not mentioned above are Output with a 3D printer for non-commercial purposes is OK. Installation as objects (figures and NPCs) in the world is OK. The VRM is not mentioned here because the terms and conditions are included in the VRM. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer (Anomalo P) shall not be held responsible for any and all damages incurred by the use of this data. Please use it under the user's responsibility. ◆Contact Please reply to Twitter. DM is only for mutual followers. (https://twitter.com/anomarokarintou) Or to this email address. anomarokarintou★yahoo.co.jp Please change ★ to @ and send. Or join our discord server and inquire. https://discord.com/invite/SeHYx2aWH4 Terms of Use established April 28, 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ■Update History ・July 02, 2023 Directory has been changed to correspond to VCC. The directory has been moved to AnomaroWorkShop/Character. (Note that overwriting the previous data will mess up the directory.) Japanese and English versions are available in the Expression menu. The _JP in the scene data is the Japanese version, and _Eng is the English version of the menu. Please use it as you like. Also, the Terms of Use have been moved to the VN3 license. The basics are the same as before, but it is much easier to understand. When the Garuda unit's weapon firing, booster, and shield deployment effects are being displayed, if you switch to a different costume, it will be hidden. If you switch the costume to another one, it will be hidden. Also, the number of particles generated by exhaust smoke and boosters has been reduced to one-tenth. The drawing load has been reduced. April 23, 2022 All models, textures, materials, animators, etc. were completely renewed. Dynamicbone was replaced with Physbone. Merged Face layer in FX animator into one layer, preventing interference of facial expressions. -Fbx updated Radically reworked the skirt bone structure to work nicely with Physbone. Also, the costume and body used to be one layer each, The body is now adjusted with the shape key to suppress the penetration of each costume, The total polygon count was reduced by 114000 to 216946 polygons. All VRM files were reworked. The Terms of Use were further revised. July 29, 2021 Updated the Terms of Use regarding head replacement modification. February 19, 2021 The HIPdynamicbone component of Girly and Maid was Fixed two animations that had been mistakenly turned off. Fixed maid clothing emissive textures being assigned to swimsuit materials. Bool type is now available with the SDK update. Changed simple on/off parameters to Bool type. (I think this will allow us to reserve parameters for use with virtual lenses, etc.) Limited locally saved parameters to costumes, accessories, and cat parts. All others will be initialized each time. (You can change this one if you like.) Improved the body motion to switch to floating when booster is turned on in the Garuda unit. Added animation so that the booster direction changes at the same time. January 16, 2021 Added 5 new costumes. Santa, swimsuit, maid, girly, and garuda units were added. Changed some settings for materials and textures. Improved appearance Added cat ears and cat tail. Can be manipulated like Haruno. (The mesh is integrated into the hair and is usually hidden with the shape key.) Improved the ability to change facial expressions with the left hand hand sign. Improved Dynamicbone on/off for each outfit to reduce the load on the person in the instance. Organized & added ExpressionMenu items. Garuda units can freely change various equipment in a dedicated menu. August 27, 2020. Fixed a strange weighting of the buttocks in the bathtowel version. Fbx data output from metasequoia4 and Blender, The data for Blender is updated. August 10, 2020 Some animation settings were misconfigured while changing facial expressions in the Expression menu. When a hand sign was made while changing facial expressions in the Expression menu, Expression and hand sign were added to other people's facial expressions. This is a correction of a mistake that did not affect the local view and was not noticed. August 8, 2020 Data was modified significantly with Avatar 3.0. Expressions, costumes, and accessories can now be switched in the Expressions menu. A special icon is also included. July 28, 2020 Fixed existing issues. Adjusted the overall position of the bones and fixed a problem with elbows and knees bending too deeply. Fixed shadows on Karada's textures, fixed Rock 'n' Roll's twitching fingers. Added EMIISIVE mask texture for fuku1. -New elements Added 8 new clothes. School swimsuit School Swimsuit_Old Gym Uniform_Bulmers Gym Uniform_Pants Jersey Bath Towel Bunny Girl Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) May 4, 2020 Two normal maps and outline sampler images of the body were updated. April 28, 2020 Sales started.