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    Original 3D Model (Eimear & Psy)

    Published from : 2020/05/01 07:46:59

    Product Details

    [Original 3D model] Eimear & Psy Creator AcChosen ◆ Product Contents◆ -This product contains two character models: Eimear, the mouse girl, and Psy, the wolf girl. -Each character model comes with one outfit, a bikini, a swimsuit, and a scooter. -Each character model and scooter comes with .BLEND files, .FBX files. -.PNG and .PSD files for all textures are included. ◆ Model Features ◆ -5 premade facial expression animations for gestures with 11 extra optional facial expression animations. -80+ extra blend shapes, that are all easy to control and modify, allowing you to create your own emotion animations. Blend Shapes for emotion icons are also included. -Full Body Tracking Support -Arm and Leg Twist Bones (Unity 2018+) -Eye Tracking with Custom Blinking Animation -Full Lip Sync Support -Clothing designed to be easily swappable and wearable over base body model. -Polygon count: -Eimear: 69643 triangles -Psy: 69009 triangles -Rideable Scooter Avatar (80k triangles total) ◆ Files◆ -Eimear_Psy-Ver1.3_PackageFiles.zip -Eimear&Psy-UnityPackageFile.unitypackage: This is a unity package file that contains all versions of the models, all textures, dynamic bone settings, shader settings, VRChat emote animations, blinking animations, and prefabs. The unity scene file for uploading is also included in this file. -FBX Folder: This is a folder of all the variations in FBX format. -Eimear_Psy-Ver1.2_BlendFiles.zip -BlenderReleaseFiles Folder: All of the .blend files for each model variant. -Textures: The folders with all the .PNG and .PSD files for the textures of the models. ◆ Required Assets For Unity 2018.4.20f1 ◆ -DynamicBone - This asset is required to have the hair move. It can be purchased at the Unity Asset Store. -UnityChanToonShader2.0 - These are the shaders this model uses for VRChat. They will be included in the unity package file. ◆ VRChat upload instructions ◆ -Create a new Unity project and open it. -Ensure that the DynamicBone asset and VRChat SDK are imported into the project and you are signed into the SDK. -Double click the Unity package file and import everything into the project. -Navigate to the "Scenes" folder and open the "Eimear&Psy_UploadScene" scene. -Go to the VRChat SDK menu at the top and click "Show Build Control Panel". -In the window that appears, choose the model you wish to upload and click "Build and Publish".

    Terms of Use

    ◆ Terms of service ◆ [Original 3D model] Eimear & Psy Creator AcChosen * Please read the terms of service below before purchasing the model. *This is model data that is set to be used with VRChat and Unity. Textures, .fbx and .blend files are included. Please use in accordance with the terms of service regardless of which application you use. *Please note that no additional instructions are provided other than instructions to upload to unity/VRChat are provided. ◆ Terms of service ◆ You agree to these terms and conditions when you purchase this model. The contents of these terms of service are subject to change. If they are changed, the latest version will be applied. *The copyright of Eimear and Psy (Here in after now referred to as "the models") is held by the creator, AcChosen, and the rights to the models belong to the creator, AcChosen. * Copyright infringement is a criminal offense, and the infringer can be punished by prosecution by the copyright owner. Infringement of copyright, publishing rights, and neighboring rights is subject to imprisonment of 10 years or less or a fine of 10 million yen or less. *Distribution of these models or any of its data including textures is forbidden. Distribution of copies of this model (either through retopology or copying) is also forbidden. Distribution of modified versions of this model, whether it is the whole model or part of the model, is also forbidden. *Use of these models in VRChat is allowed. Distribution of the model via VRChat avatar pedestals is forbidden. *The use of these models in expressions, politics, and religious activities that slander others are prohibited. *You are free to modify these models at your own risk. Please note that we do not provide guidance on matters that are not included in this model, such as how to modify this model, conversion to another extension, and reading with applications other than unity. *If there is a difference in other languages due to translation, the terms of use in English will be applied. ◆ Disclaimer ◆ In the case of troubles, losses and damages caused by using this model, the creator AcChosen accepts no responsibility. Use this model at your own risk. Established date: 2020 April 27